‘Most severe blow!’ Police arrest 5 executives at last free press in Hong Kong


Raid of Apple Daily. This is what the USA will become under the Democrats.

The Beijing-controlled Hong Kong police raid pro-democracy paper and make arrests. it’s Beijing’s national security law in action. The crime is allegedly using journalism to endanger national security.

It’s the only pro-democracy newspaper in the city. They are accused of foreign collusion. Their offices were raided.

Hundreds of police officers in Hong Kong swarmed the office of the pro-democracy Apple Daily on Thursday and arrested several executives in what was called a “blatant attack” on its editorial team.

The Apple Daily ran its own story about the raid and said five of its executives were arrested for breaking Article 29 of Beijing’s controversial national security law, which prohibits “collusion with a foreign country or with external elements to endanger national security.”

An adviser for Jimmy Lai, the Hong Kong billionaire and founder of Next Digital, Apple Daily’s parent, called the raid a “blatant attack.” He was arrested last year.

The communists arrest five top executives, including the Editor in Chief.

This is what hard-left Democrats want for us too.

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