Motion to proceed with ballot inspection in Fulton County


A motion to proceed immediately with ballot inspection in Fulton County, Georgia has been submitted to the county’s Superior Court, court documents released today show.

“Motion to immediately proceed with ballot inspection: Come now, Petitioners Garland Favorito, Michael Scupin, Trevor Terris, Sean Draime, Stacey Doran, Christopher Peck, and Brandi Taylor (hereafter the Favorito Petitioners), by and through their attorneys of record, and file their motion to immediately proceed with ballot inspection,” the motion stated.

The Fulton attorney is saying discovery and microscopic inspection are dead for now, but Mr. Favorito says the case remains alive. He will likely file a motion for discovery.



  1. The glorious 1000 year Wakanda unity collective has some splainin’ to do.
    This just in from the Taliban-come back anytime, Yankee.
    Yesterday the CCP said that the Taliban are the good guys, bwahaha!
    How they laugh at the Baizuo who have crack pipe dreams of today Georgia and tomorrow the world.

  2. “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    Joe Biden, October 2020.

  3. Garland Favorito is the leader of the effort for justice, and of course, that junior reporter, Tucker (Jimmy Olson) Carlson, will not have him on. Instead, he has on Trump hater Erick Erickson. Wow, that Tucker is some kind of reporter.

    It;s OK, I see Garland on OANN and Newsmax regularly, so I know the actual story.

  4. Democrat perpetrated election fraud manifests in many diverse ways. Take for example the case of the Democrat controlled SOS in CA denying Larry Elder the right to run for Governor in the recall election despite meeting all the listed requirements to run. Democrats have zero integrity to go along with their fallacious unworkable view of the world.

  5. We all know they cheated. The problem is that no matter what the audits uncover, the Dems will simply deny the legitimacy of the auditors or of the proof and press onward with America’s destruction.

  6. And then what? The Arizona GOP already said they don’t have the authority to recall electors. So, Sleepy Creepy Imposter Joe stays.

    • AZ GOP Senate leader said they don’t have authority.
      According to Shestokas both House and Senate are required to recall.
      Senate necessary but not complete.
      Accurate truth from politicians. Refreshing.

  7. We’ve been seeing “shortly” in these articles for months now. C’mon man! Either the solid evidence is there or its not. Stop stinging us along.

  8. When AZ decertifies, all true patriots need to march on each state’s capital demanding immediate investigations into GA, MI, MN, PA, WI, NV (at minimum). I’m talking about a Million Man March at all 50 state capitals the first weekend following the decertification! I’ve had it with sitting around doing nothing! I want my country back and I want it back NOW! Screw sports, entertainment and anything else that is not focused on saving our blessed country. They (deep state) has literally hijacked and stolen our government! The corruption is deep, wide and at every level! WAKE UP AMERICA!! This is our time to stand up as generations did in the past. For our children and grandchildren! The ball is rolling! Spread the word patriots!! EVERY STATE CAPITAL!

  9. It don’t matter no more. Conservatives have gotten used to thinking every piece of sh!t that is dug up is a ‘bombshell’ victory. They’ve sort of recognized their limitations and are resigned to their status as an audience reaction track.

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