Mr. Monroe Lights Up the Court with Evidence of Ballot Harvesting


“Gerry Monroe lights up Harris County Commissioners Court with evidence of ballot harvesting and voter fraud allegations,” according to the person who linked to the video in the tweet below. Unfortunately, no one can believe it or even say it is a problem without being demonized as an election denier.

Gerry Monroe on ballot harvesting

Ballot harvesting is legal in some states, such as California. They can also drop off ballots to be counted in districts where they will negate red votes. No Republican can win where ballot harvesting is allowed. Republicans are far more competitive where it’s banned, for whatever reason.  It is very suspicious, but you can’t catch violators if it’s legal. If it’s illegal, every drop-off box and mailbox (where mail-in balloting is rampant) needs to be monitored 24/7, and they aren’t.

According to the fact check on Twitter:

US elections are safe and reliable, according to fact-checkers

Voter fraud is rare in US elections, according to Reuters, The Associated Press, and election experts. Moreover, other forms of absentee balloting – such as mail-in voting and ballot drop boxes – include “built-in checks” to ensure security and reliability, fact-checkers report.

Gerry Monroe is a hero. I found the same thing he did, but was told not to say anything because the judges are left-wing. They will get even.

From my experience working the polls and counting absentee ballots, I found that Democrats have a lock on mail-in ballots. One Republican candidate I helped knew he had to win by about 10 points to beat the absentee ballots. I recommend that doubters work the absentee ballots and the polls to see what goes on. It is worse in some areas than others.

From my viewpoint, I don’t see Republicans winning anywhere there is widespread mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting. Democrats must feel the same way because they insist on it. George Soros insists on it.

Like I said, Gerry Monroe is a hero.


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