Biden Protects Iran from Europe Until the Election


Joe Biden is helping out Iran once again. When he’s not allowing our enemies to make billions of dollars, he is letting them slide on sanctions and other efforts to keep them from inciting terror attacks. He does that with all our enemies except Russia and turns against our allies, much as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (Honduras) liked to do.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Britain and France, which foolishly allowed sanctions to end in the past, want to censure Iran on the International Atomic Energy Agencies (IAEA) member-state board.

For obvious political reasons, the US has asked some countries to abstain from a censure vote until after the election.

The UN Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iran’s stockpile of 60% highly enriched uranium rose 20.6 kg from three months earlier. It’s the highest level to date. This material can be converted into weapons-grade enriched uranium in days. It would be enough to fuel three nuclear weapons.

One cannot underestimate how serious it is to ignore until November.

Some US officials are also concerned that Iran could become more volatile after the death of their president.

European diplomats have warned that failure to take action would undermine the authority of the IAEA, which is allegedly policing the creation of nuclear weapons. It also weakens Western credibility.

Europeans are very concerned that the US is undermining their efforts. The US denies it, but that would mean several member states are lying.

This news dump came on Friday during Memorial weekend.

Obama and Biden have kissed up to Iran for years: pallets of gold and cash, removing sanctions, hiring an Iranian spy, Robert Malley, letting others leave without any punishments, and letting Iran’s gal in the Pentagon, Ariane Tabatabai, remain in office. Now, the Bidenistas plan to give Iran a pass as they develop nuclear weapons.

All the Europeans wanted to do was put a letter in their file and ask for a report, and the administration was against that. Iran is, of course, making it a cause célèbre to get their way with this weak administration.

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