Mr. Wilwich Comes to the Women-Only Naked Spa


Seattle District Court Judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein upheld a ruling that Olympus Spa must allow transgender women with male genitals. He could simply be a transvestite, yet the judge is letting him in a women-only naked spa. This has nothing to do with bias and everything to do with politics.

Trans activist Haven Wilvich complained to the Washington State Human Rights Commission (WSHRC) in 2020 when the spa wouldn’t let him in the naked area.

The spa has a women-only naked spa area in the Korean tradition of jjimjilbang.

The owners are Korean and Christian, and because of their religion, they do not want a fully-equipped biological male in the naked area, especially with children. They also feared criminal penalties.

Additionally, they’ve lost customers over it. Women-only should remain women-only. Wilvich is not a woman and never will be.

Wilvich was married, and his wife only divorced him because he wouldn’t stay in the closet. He’s still a sexual male.

How a judge could find in his favor over alleged discrimination is mind-boggling. The bias comes from this man, Haven Wilvich. The judge and this guy are discriminating against women.

Mr. Wilwich

Wilvich, like so many others in the …QIA2SS+ Pride Mafia, probably did it deliberately. He’s not only a man trying to hang with naked women and girls in a spa, he’s someone who might scare women and girls. He would scare the Hell out of me.

The Left won’t allow you to say “transvestite” and there is a political reason for that. Some men just like to dress as women. They’re all be lumped in with transgenders now to strengthen their bizarre ideology.

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