Pelosi’s Latest Sanctimonious, Hypocritical Lying, Quickly & Easily Exposed



On Thursday Speaker Pelosi, offered one of her most dishonest, sanctimonious, pearl clutching, impeachment related moments.  And that’s saying something.  

The Democrat defended her latest action by saying,  “This is not any cause for any glee or comfort. This is something that is very solemn …Nobody … comes to Congress to impeach the president of the United States, unless his actions are jeopardizing our honoring our oath of office.”

What Pelosi is deliberately ignoring is that every member of  the radical “Squad”, now controlling the Democrat caucus, was very much, and in some cases gleefully, preaching impeachment before coming to Congress.  

In February of this year, less than 2 months after being sworn in, Ayanna Pressley called for President Trump’s immediate impeachment from office.  A local public radio station noted that back in September of 2018 she said she’d “do whatever we can” to impeach Trump and remove him from office.

Ilhan Omar has a similar story.  In December of 2018 she’s on record tweeting, “We know that this President, this administration every day has gone a little bit closer to being impeached….We won’t be having these conversations on whether to do it, but it’s going to be when and how.”  The Hill reported the incoming lawmaker had “previously called for Trump’s impeachment”.  

Several days before the 2018 election “Squad leader” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was crystal clear when replying to Jorge Ramos’ question on impeachment.  “I mean, yeah.  To me, it’s a no-brainer.”  And as a humorous aside, many of us can agree, if anyone can recognize something that’s a no-brainer, it’s AOC. 

Within a day of taking the “oath of office” Rashida Tlaib recalls keeping a promise to her 15 year old son.  Apparently, very soon after her November congressional win she vowed to “go in there and impeach the mother fuxxer.”  Here’s Tlaib’s opposite of solemn, vulgar, bordering on giddy, pledge in front of an equally merry crowd.

These new Democrat Party power players, The Squad, made no bones about wanting to impeach President Trump before being sworn in.  In many cases they happily and enthusiastically ran on it.  

Pelosi knew it then, and knows it now.  Her sanctimony, hypocrisy, and complete aversion to the truth seem limitless.

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