MSM, Dems want you to think raging mobs are normal


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer compared the President putting troops at the Lincoln Memorial to protect it to Tiananmen Square. Yes, it’s as crazy as that.

“Rows of camouflaged troops standing at attention on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, like an occupying force defending a critical position,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a Senate floor speech Wednesday. “When you see the image of troops dressed for combat, flanking the Lincoln Memorial, an altar to freedom, you cannot help but think of Tiananmen Square.”

President Trump ordered the D.C. National Guard to line the steps of the Lincoln Memorial after protesters vandalized the site over the weekend with black spray paint.

Harsh criticism also followed his walk to St. John’s Church where he held up a Bible. The Attorney General had the area cleared by Park Police who did not use tear gas and who also stated that the protesters were violent.

There is a method to this madness. The message is the President is violent, not the rampaging far-left mobs, and he is at war with the American people.

There is another message — accept the far-left mobs as normal.


The media hid the violence in these marches but when they couldn’t any longer, they blamed white supremacists. Now, they are back to pretending they are “largely peaceful.”

The media is using a line of questioning of store owners that gets them to say the destruction is okay. This morning on CBS local, WINSNY, a store owner basically whined that it was okay he lost a third of his inventory if it’s to help the protests.

The Boston Globe published an article claiming that store owners whose businesses have been damaged are using it to amplify the message of the ‘protesters.’ “It’s a broken window, it’s not a life,” says one business owner.

General John Allen, an Obamabot envoy to ISIS, says Trump is at war with the American people because he is calling them terrorists. He also claims it’s the end of the American Experiment because of it. He is echoing much of what Democrat Mad Dog Mattis said yesterday, claiming the President is violating the Constitution.

The President only called Antifa a terror organization, which they are, and he is not at war with all American people.

They also want you to believe that these violent, raging mobs are normal and we should accept them — as long as they are far-left groups. You know how they treat the right-wing when they march.

Meanwhile, as these lunatics rant and rail, another 1.9 million people lined up for unemployment benefits, bringing the number of unemployed to over 41 million.

The blue states will not open up. The leftists won’t control their states and they are letting mobs destroy the businesses. You can’t eat in a restaurant but you can loot it and burn it down.

You can also march without social distancing.

More than 10,000 were arrested last night for violence, marching after curfew, and for various crimes.

Vote GOP and save America.

As Mark Levin says, it’s anarchy:

Oh, and check this out:

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