New O’Keefe expose on Antifa, a domestic terrorist group with foreign ties


Antifa is the military arm of the communist party and they self-describe as anarcho-communists.

They use black block tactics, wear masks normally, and dress in black to hide their identities.

They call themselves anti-fascists, hence the name, but are in fact, fascists.

Portland seems to be a major base of operations.

President Trump recently labeled them a domestic terrorist organization, which they are. The media and Democrats are now claiming President Trump is at war with the American people because of this.

They have used the death of George Floyd to loot, smash store windows and burn them down.

James O’Keefe conducted an undercover operation with Antifa and his video is out.

According to the report, the communist terror group practices eye-gouging, beating their opponents and creating an environment of fear and terror.

Project Veritas reported:

The group has long claimed a leadership role in violent movements across America and the world.

“They do not hesitate to either push back or incite some kind of violence. In our classes and in our meetings, before we do any sort of demonstration or Black Block, we talk about weapons detail and what we carry and what we should have,” said the Project Veritas Undercover Journalist.

Attorney General William Barr announced in a statement that he will enforce action against the group.

Citizen reporter Andy Ngo has followed the organization and tweeted the video with additional information.

The expose states that the oldest organization was started by a radical Swedish couple. In the clip, they have some of the training, discussing “eye-gouging” and “destroying your enemy.”

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