MSNBC host wants the FBI building renamed for Stacey Abrams – not satire


An MSNBC host, Tiffany Cross, must come from another planet. She wants to rename the FBI building for Stacey Abrams, the forever governor of Georgia. She pretended she won the gubernatorial race that she falsely stated was illegitimate. Despite her best efforts, Kemp won with 50,000 votes.

You might want to know what she did to have an FBI building named after her.

Cross claims Abrams swore off “against a whole system who tried to suppress, oppress, and depress the descendants of the people who built this country, for free — and who again managed to save the country from itself …”

Wow, who knew.

Actually, Abrams corrupted the election by harvesting ballots, sending ballots to everyone, even illegitimate voters, and lying to the uneducated residents of the state.

We agree that her name would be perfect for the corrupt FBI’s building.

Oh, and she said she will be president of the United States one day. Watch this clip and the next one:

She also hates whites in general and has called for a revolution against whites. She wrote an essay for Foreign Policy Mag explaining why.

Tucker discussed it:

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