MSNBC rails of “white rage” & Trump as the biggest threat to the USA


MSNBC is pushing the anti-Right, anti-Trump domestic war on terror. They are all-in on Democrats holding all the power of government.

Fake ‘white rage’ is the latest slogan used to propagandize Americans.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace asked contributor Clint Watts:

“DHS is now concerned about a new conspiracy theory, a new Trump-inspired, Trump-incited kind of rage, White-rage to use the words of General Milley said yesterday. It’s this; they’re concerned about the Trump reinstatement conspiracy theory. The exchange came in a members-only briefing John Cohen, DHS’s top counter-terrorism official, gave to the House Committee on Homeland Security. Cohen told telling lawmakers, ‘DHS is not aware of any specific credible threats of violence linked to the conspiracy theory about Trump being reinstated,’ but he added ‘DHS is following discussion of the topic online among extremist communities.’ He said, ‘Department officials are highly concerned because it fuels the false narrative that the election was rigged, and that’s a narrative that may trigger a violent response from extremists.’ It’s just jaw-dropping the disgraced twice impeached ex-president’s utterances are now a national security threat on an hourly, daily basis.”

Watts dutifully replied:

 “It is remarkable it continues on. It is also remarkable because there is still significant online discussion about this, which means just think if you’re a believer in this conspiracy and have seen everything from QAnon to January 6, the inauguration occurring, the ballot recounts failing, and you are still pursuing this fantasy. How would it not lead to violence over time whenever each of these horizons are picked in the conspiracy space and then don’t occur? They keep committing to this over and over again. It’s particularly troubling, and I think one advantage that we do have is the president is not on Twitter, Facebook, and much of social media. His website was not particularly successful. It has muted his ability to really rally that base, and he’s been in a limited number of public appearances.”

“The biggest risk to the country isn’t actually from outside the country. It’s not even necessarily from inside the country, but from the last person that was inside the White House,” Watts told MSNBC viewers.

Democrats, the Party of love, and their media do a masterful job of spreading hate and misinformation. They are the biggest threats with CRT, 1619, weaponized executive agencies, their efforts to ditch the Bill of Rights, the open borders, misinformation, censorship, and so much more.


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