MSNBC sees Pelosi as President & CNN’s on the 25th Amendment


The media is already looking to replace President Trump over his COVID-19 diagnosis. Mercedes Ruhle at MSNBC asked Speaker Pelosi the White House has been in touch with her since she is second in line to the presidency.

What happened to Vice President Pence? What are they planning to do to him? He’s the next in line, and so far as we know, the President is doing well.

Nancy blathered about the military handling that.

This is the Democrats — CREATE CHAOS!!!

James Clapper went on about the 25th Amendment but claimed he was concerned for the Vice President’s health.

Clapper said the virus tends to be mild at first and gets more serious after a few days. But, according to him, the government is on the alert.

He said some foreign nations could take advantage.

Speaking of taking advantage, a Honduran caravan formed and it’s heading for the USA. If Democrats get into power, all foreigners will be welcomed without limit from anywhere, without vetting. Then Biden-Harris will give them all free healthcare. That should destroy us without doing another single thing.


Aren’t they getting a little ahead of themselves.

CNN’s TV doctor knows nothing, none of us know anything, about how the President contracted the illness but Doc Gupta pontificated anyway about how he knows President Trump got it not following protocols.

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