MSNBC’s racist ripping of Sen Scott “from ‘cotton to Congress’ to clown”


Senator Tim Scott doesn’t agree with the Democrat mandate that America is a systematically racist country, and for thinking independently he is being trashed by the racist Left.

And they are racist. Where is the media?

Oh, right, corporate media are hiding in the pocket of the Left. The Right doesn’t fight back and it’s a win-win for them to side with the Left and destroy the country, along with innocent people.

MSNBC thinks they can get away with racism as long as a Black woman on their payroll spews the racist filth.


Democrat media, MSNBC, showcased a Saturday night racist monologue from host Tiffany Cross.  She claimed that Senator Scott was “thirsty for white approval.”

“Okay. Let’s be clear. Tim Scott does not represent any constituency other than the small number of sleepy, slow-witted sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome who get elevated to prominence for repeating a false narrative about this country that makes conservative white people feel comfortable,” Cross began.

She called him McConnell’s tap dancer, referencing vaudeville where black artists made it by tap dancing.

“I could go into great detail refuting each of his asinine points, but he did that for me, and moreover, a lesson I learned, don’t argue with people Harriet Tubman would have left behind,” Cross continued.


She dismissed Scott’s work on law enforcement reform and anti-lynching legislation by saying “there are two sides to every token.”

“So thirsty for white approval, this dude actually stood on the national stage to defend the voter suppression law in Georgia even though as of last month, 361 bills were being introduced in 47 states to keep people who look like him out of the ballot box,” Cross added. “The ability to shame the ancestors and appease the oppressors all in one speech, that’s extreme, though not like the domestic violent extremism that the Department of Homeland Security is investigating within his own ranks, mind you, but please, Senator, say more about how un-racist the country is while you trot out that tired line about going from ‘cotton to Congress’ to clown.”


“Perhaps this was merely senator Scott’s audition to be Sam Jackson’s understudy in the film ‘Django,’” Cross concluded, saying that she, as a descendant of slaves and “damn near a daily survivor of institutional racism,” still loved America for what it could be rather than for what it was. “On this one you’re not only on the wrong side of the aisle, Senator Scott, but you’re embarrassingly on the wrong side of history, as well.”

If you don’t do as they say, think what they think, say what they say, you’re a token if you’re Black and a racist if you’re not.

Cross is a disgrace.


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