MTG Files a Motion to Oust Speaker Johnson But Won’t Force It Yet


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a motion to remove Republican Speaker Mike Johnson for endorsing the massive $1.2 trillion spending deal.

Greene’s motion is not privileged, meaning it’s unclear if or when it will be brought to the floor for a vote. After the vote, Greene told reporters that she has “started the process” of electing a new speaker, but she will not force a vote imminently, reports NPR.

She first mentioned it as a possibility during an interview with Steve Bannon.

“We are making that decision minute-by-minute today, Steve, and I think you can stay tuned,” MTG told Bannon.

The move was made just before the House was scheduled to vote on the massive government funding package.

Under current House rules, it only takes one lawmaker to bring up a vote to oust the speaker. But it takes a majority of the House for that vote to pass. In October 2023, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., filed the motion to vacate McCarthy from the speakership. Democrats voted as a bloc to remove McCarthy, and eight Republicans, opposed to McCarthy’s decision to pass a bipartisan short-term spending bill, also voted to remove him.

MTG Explodes

Lose the Majority?

The risk here is losing the majority. Republicans are hanging on to it by a thread. We must unite. Time is running out. However, it is a bad bill.

Speaker Johnson said he would deal with the border with a separate funding bill for Ukraine.

When I say it’s a bad bill, I’m being euphemistic, but the GOP is undoubtedly worried about the bad press the GOP will get if they close down the government. The GOP always loses that argument for a host of reasons.

The border is a dangerous national security threat. The bill does nothing about that issue. It fully funds abortion, making everyone pay for it. The bill funds the WHO, the communist-controlled health organization that lied to the world and made the pandemic collateral damage worse than the illness. It has money for anti-gun research, and it will fund climate insanity in the military.

Transcript after the clip of House Freedom Caucus Chair Bob Good is after the clip;


“Is there anything that some Republicans won’t do to keep this government open?

“Why are we in a rush to keep this government open that is so harming the American people by the very policies which they are suffering under?

“But the bill, hey, one positive, I guess it’ll have thousands of earmarks for billions of dollars. Earmarks, which are used to buy or reward… bad votes for bad bills, like the bill that will pass today.

“It does seem that this bill again maintains the Pelosi-Schumer policies and spending levels by about $60 billion that were in place from the omnibus that we all voted against a year and a half ago.

“But it has some new things that we want to point out. It’s got a billion dollars for the climate focus of the military. How absurd is that? Think about what we might be able to do with a billion dollars for our military, Department of Defense, to actually focus on lethality, force readiness, effectiveness, so that we might win a conflict that we hope not to have.

“But instead, the Biden administration is getting another billion for the climate focus of the military.

“Getting $200 million for a new headquarters for this FBI. Why would any Republican vote to give $200 million to this FBI for a new headquarters?

“It continues to fund the WHO, the tool of communist China that was used to deceive us during the Covid virus situation. And that the WHO that President Trump wisely defunded, that Joe Biden put back in place funding for as soon as he got into office, the WHO that Biden wants to surrender our sovereignty to 60 some days from now. So that in a so-called crisis deemed by the WHO, we would be forced to comply with what the WHO said in whatever they deemed to be a health crisis or a climate crisis or a poverty crisis. Oh, or so-called gun violence crisis. So we’re going to continue to fund the WHO.

“It’s got 32 million for the UN Population Fund, but I misspeak, the UN Abortion Fund and $3 billion more for the Department of Homeland Insecurity. This DHS, under Mayorkas and Biden that continues to perpetrate this invasion on the American people.

“We have entered a new era when it comes to the border invasion, a new era yesterday. Many of you, I hope, saw the video that we saw, where at first we thought, ‘Is this a third-world country? Is this a banana republic?’ When we saw the alien mob rush, the bum rush of border officials to force their way into this country, how have we got to that point today where we are allowing illegal aliens to bum rush border officials and force their way into the country?'”

“And yet the Biden administration’s response is to ramp up efforts to repel the invasion. No. Their intention is to prevent Texas from securing their border. They will go to unlimited lengths to prevent Texas from securing their border and keeping their citizens safe.”

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