MTG Gives a Fiery Speech on the House Floor


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene gave a rousing floor speech today, making the case for Articles of Impeachment on the traitors in the administration. Why isn’t every Republican and some of the Democrats calling for these impeachments?

The Left is beside themselves, and it’s not just the bots with three friends. However, many are rooting for her, but until the GOP votes to impeach, no one will care enough. These committees need to become impeachment inquiries and soon. The second year of their mere two-year terms is spent fundraising. The hourglass is running out.

Yesterday, MTG tweeted, “For any member of Congress that thinks impeachment is too extreme, my office received over 4,000 calls in 5 days with 80% supporting impeachment. We released a survey 24 hours ago that has 11,000 responses with 77% supporting impeachment. NOT impeaching is extreme.”

How do you not impeach someone who is allowing millions of unvetted foreigners from all over the world just to enter the country? The people coming in include many single men of fighting age, and many come from China, some from Russia, and Iran. Terrorists – 88 so far this year – were caught at the border. Cartels are killing Americans with illicit drugs – 300 a day! Millions have come in without being caught. Then there are the deadbeats coming in to wallow in the freebies that progressives provide.

Poor minorities and veterans live on the streets in New York City, while illegal aliens live in the Roosevelt or the Holiday Inn. They’re now shipping them out to dorms at Stonybrook University, and we don’t know who these people are.

What about Joe’s corrupt family business? Will anyone ever hold him accountable? Impeachment would help.

Take her survey here.

Biden absolutely needs to be impeached. We should backdate it and impeach him for supporting segregation and extreme punishments for black youth.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
12 days ago

The fear that Trump might be too close to Russia was the biggest story of the last 50 years, the Main Stream Media were on fire as if the end of the world was here… and a $32 million investigation and witch trial was launched about it.

Biden is being paid MANY Million of $$$ by China, waited until the Chinese Balloon was done psying over 3000 miles of US lands to shoot it down… and nothing is happening.


Democrats are a crime syndicate and are in charge of the law.

They will not arrest themselves.

12 days ago

What it’s going to take is a Major Terrorist Attack. The thing is, I no longer care if it’s in a Big Blue Democrat run City because it’s Democrats who are destroying America. If you are not America First, you are the enemy!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
12 days ago

MTG has lots of ground to make up after supporting McCarthy.

Since she is up there, alone, the corrupt GOP “leaders” she supported are not for any of her initiatives. Scalise, McCarthy, Jordan, Comer, Mace, Emmer, … place self interest above the nation.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
12 days ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

The problem with people like you is that anyone that does not support you agenda 1000% must be punished.
Not supporting McCarthy was a protest (I supported it) that could only last so long or become disruptive of governing. Why do you want to cannibalise good people when there are so many evil targets.
Sing her praises for all that she does right. Write her a letter of support and encouragement, build her up don’t tear he down.

Last edited 12 days ago by Peter B. Prange