Schiff to Be Fined $16M? And The True Story of the Dem Money Pit


A resolution was introduced to fine Rep. Adam Schiff $16M today. He responded by complaining about the debt ceiling as the GOP tries to dig out of the Progressive money pit.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., introduced a resolution that would fine Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., $16 million for his claims that former President Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

Luna says that amount is about half of the cost of the federal investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion, debunked by special counsel reports from Robert Mueller and John Durham.

“The GOP Conference agrees that Adam Schiff has betrayed the trust of the American people, purposely abused positions of extreme authority, lied continuously, and as such, must be held to account,” Luna said. “Accordingly, the resolution requires Rep. Schiff to pay a 16 million dollar fine, half of the cost American taxpayers were forced to pay for the Russia hoax investigation.”

Schiff responded lamely about how we should be focused on the debt ceiling. He should be focused on the debt.

True Story of The Money Pit

Until the end of April, US taxpayers’ government revenue amounts to $2.69 trillion. But it has spent $3.61 trillion. Currently, the national debt is 31.4 trillion dollars. In 2022, the federal government collected 4.90 trillion dollars. The federal government spent $6.27 trillion. That’s 1.3 trillion dollars added to the debt.

By 2031, Biden has increased the debt by over $6 trillion. Between 2024 and 2033, the interest alone will total $10.2 trillion due to Biden’s borrowing.

By 2033, the public debt will increase to $50.7 trillion thanks to Biden’s policies.

Biden lies and claims he cut the federal deficit by $1.7 trillion. Every left-wing fact-checker agrees it’s a lie. He didn’t cut any spending. That is simply the reduction as some COVID money terms out. He’s including the COVID money as the base, but the COVID money is gone. Watch the clip:

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9 months ago

There are Lies, Damn Lies, and then there are Democrat Lies. Schiff isn’t the only one who needs to be paying fines.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 months ago

Gaetz, Luna, Biggs, a few others, sometimes MTG, are the only decent people in congress. What we see with MTG and Luna speaking out may be a beginning of a revolt in the GOP.

McCarthy has a dilemma, if he ignores these initiatives he risks more dissent.