Sending Endless Cash & Weapons to Ukraine Is Becoming Unattractive


Joe Biden just sent another $425 million in weaponry to Ukraine, and he’s asking for $61 billion to be sent with the upcoming spending bill. That will be in addition to all the incidental millions that go over. However, support for the war in Ukraine is dwindling, with most voters saying that no one is winning that war.

The latest numbers from Gallup have been released, and there isn’t much good news for Joe Biden and the Democrats or for Republicans who say we must stick with the Ukraine war for as long as it takes.

Gallup addressed all the major issues regarding the war, including the issue of whether the United States is doing too much to help Ukraine, too little, or doing the right amount.

In August of 2022, just 29% said we were doing too much. Today, that number stands at 41%. Only one in four voters believe we need to be doing even more.

As the harsh winter months approach in Ukraine, Americans’ views on the war there have shifted, with a plurality now saying the U.S. is doing too much to help Ukraine. Forty-one percent of Americans overall say the U.S. is doing too much, which has risen from 24% in August 2022 to 29% in June 2023. Thirty-three percent, down from 43% in June, say the U.S. is doing the right amount, while 25% believe the U.S. isn’t doing enough.

Both Republicans (62%) and independents (44%) increasingly see the U.S. as doing too much to support Ukraine compared with when Gallup began asking this question in August 2022.

It’s mostly Republicans who say that America is doing too much, but Independents are starting to move in the same direction. Democrats want to do more, but fewer Democrats believe that than in the August poll.

A shocking majority of voters still support sticking with Ukraine even if the war drags on. But the gap is closing. The percentage who say that we should stick with Ukraine until they have “regained all of its territory” is down to 54 percent, while 43 percent would like to see the war “end quickly.”

Another 61% say there should be a “limit on financial support” from the United States. Just 37% say aid should continue “as long as Ukraine requests it.”

Gallup asked respondents who is currently winning the war. A majority of 64 percent now say that “neither side” is winning the war. That’s a significant increase from the beginning of the summer when we were assured that the Ukrainian counteroffensive would save the day.

The pallets of cash to Ukraine – to Zelensky and his buddies – are becoming less attractive to Americans.

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