Mueller docs reveal Trump wanted Hillary’s emails like everyone else


In response to a court order, the documentation behind the Mueller report will be released and the first 500 pages were released by BuzzFeed. Allegedly, there could be billions of documents.


Paul Manafort was pushing the theory that Ukraine, not Russia, hacked the Democratic National Committee’s emails as early as 2016, according to the first tranche of Mueller report communications.

The released documents are 302s, summaries of interviews with the scared and threatened campaign officials.

The president’s former personal lawyer, liar Michael Cohen said he “had to keep Trump out of the messaging related to Russia” in preparation for his testimony to Congress under oath.

Rick Gates said the campaign was very happy when a foreign government helped release the DNC emails.

The Hill reported that President Trump and officials on his 2016 presidential campaign had several private conversations about how they could obtain stolen Democratic emails WikiLeaks had possession of in 2016.

The information comes from interviews with campaign chair Rick Gates.

“[Rick] Gates recalled a time on the campaign aircraft when candidate Trump said, ‘get the emails.’ [Michael] Flynn said he could use his intelligence sources to obtain the emails,” investigators wrote in a summary of Gates’ April 2018 interview with Mueller’s team.

“Gates said Donald Trump Jr. would ask where the emails were in family meetings. Michael Flynn, [Jared] Kushner, [Paul] Manafort, [Redacted] [Corey] Lewandowski, Jeff Sessions, and Sam Clovis expressed interest in obtaining the emails as well.

“The RNC also indicates they knew the timing of the upcoming [Wikileaks] releases.” We don’t have enough information on that, but we all knew Assange had the emails and was going to release them. The DNC emails were the result of successful phishing with John Podesta. Then there were the leaks from the Russian agents.

So, Donald Trump wanted her emails, which he admitted. He wanted proof of her corruption.


Gates said the priority focuses of the Trump campaign opposition research team were Clinton’s emails and contributions to the Clinton Foundation. Flynn, [Redacted] [Jeff] Sessions, Kushner, and [Donald] Trump Jr. were all focused on opposition topics,” according to notes from investigators. 

Emails indicated that Gates wanted General Flynn to find out more about the Clinton emails and their release from his Russian contacts.

President Trump wanted the emails. If the situation was reversed, Hillary would want Trump’s emails.

Apparently, TV host Sean Hannity spoke with Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and Donald Trump.

So far, this information is embarrassing, but there doesn’t appear to be anything criminal yet. A lot of assumptions are being made on social media and there is little doubt the media will go wild in the next editions.


The FBI wanted the emails. Everyone wanted Hillary’s emails. Hillary is the one who made 30,000 of her emails disappear and had her techs Bleach Bit and hammer the hard drives into oblivion. That’s obstruction.

She claimed the main witness was her lawyer so she didn’t have to reveal a thing and the rest of the witnesses to Hillary’s behavior either took the Fifth or didn’t show up for the hearings. That’s obstruction.

How is this different from Hillary trying to get opposition research from Russians and, failing that, funding a fake dossier?

When is Hillary going to be investigated? We are okay with probes of the President as long as the standard is the same for her.


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