Mueller Lt. Says Trump Confessed & a Worse Charge Might Await in NJ


Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, who led the fake Russiagate probe for Rober Mueller, said Donald Trump’s speech on Tuesday night defending himself was a confession. He also said a worse charge might be waiting in NJ.

[Convince me they’re not out to get him. Now they’re going to nitpick everything he says.]

“Part of what he said is just a straight-out confession,” Weissmann told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. “It’s not a defense. It’s a confession.”

Speaking at his country club in Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump told supporters he had “every right under the Presidential Records Act” to keep the sensitive documents found at his Mar-a-Lago home during an FBI search last summer.


O’Donnell later asked what was the confession.

“When you are charged with the illegal retention ― the possession, the illegal possession of the documents ― it is not a good idea to say, ‘Hey, you want to know why I took these? Because I could,’” he said. “That is not a defense to that charge. That is an admission to the charge.”

Weissmann is a dirty cop. We’ve already researched him and reported about his corruption.


Ryan Goodman and Andrew Weissman speculated in a piece in The Atlantic that none of the 37 counts outlined in the 49-page indictment include a charge of dissemination of classified information, a “steeper” charge.

They believe it is because the incident occurred in New Jersey:

“According to the Justice Department and a taped recording of the former president, Trump took classified records from Mar-a-Lago to Bedminster, where he showed off the contents of such records to others. The indictment alleges that Trump showed a map to a political ally and also showed a writer and a publisher a secret military plan to attack Iran. These two episodes were arguably the most egregious allegations of criminal wrongdoing mentioned in the indictment; they allege not just the improper retention of our nation’s most highly classified information, but the intentional communication of such information.”

[This is extremely ruthless.]

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