Nadler temporarily UNRESPONSIVE at NY event (Videos)



U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler, a federal lawmaker from New York chairs the House Judiciary Committee. He had a health scare at a Friday press conference with communist Mayor Bill de Blasio in Manhattan.

Nadler, a far-left Democrat, was briefly UNRESPONSIVE at the event on the Upper West Side.

Nadler recovered quickly and was sent to a hospital to be evaluated, officials said. He was seen smiling afterward, happy to live another day.

“Seems to have been dehydrated and it was very warm in the room,” Daniel Schwarz, a spokesman for Nadler, said in an email. “He was sitting down so did not faint or anything, just was a bit ill.”

That was the excuse Bill de Blasio came up with (see the videos below). That is not it. He had an event of some kind.

The congressman appeared to remain conscious as doctors approached him to help.

The room at P.S. 199 was cleared for privacy reasons as Nadler received aid, according to reporters who were on the scene. One photo posted to Twitter shows Nadler with a smile on his face after the scare.


Nadler was able to answer doctors’ questions when they immediately came to his side to help, Dr. Ted Long, one of those who aided the congressman, told reporters. De Blasio said Nadler quickly regained his energy and started making jokes.

“After just a few minutes you could see him just fully come back to his energetic self,” the mayor told reporters.

Maybe, but he sure was out of it in the video above.

He is being evaluated in the hospital now. “We got him there as fast as humanly possible,” he added.

Nadler represents New York’s 10th Congressional District, which includes much of Manhattan’s West Side and parts of southern Brooklyn. The committee he leads is heading up a witch hunt to find something, anything with which to impeach the President.

Do you believe in karma?


Rep. Nadler went with the excuse that the room was warm and he was dehydrated. He appreciates everyone’s concern and offered his thanks for the thoughts.

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