Socialist rich guy Bernie has 3 homes & is worth $2 million


Bernie Sanders is getting rich pretending he hates the rich. In fact, he got rich writing a best selling book about how horrible rich people are and how he wants a revolution so the government can steal their money. He’s accumulating wealth rapidly! He now owns three homes and is worth about $2 million without earning an honest day’s pay. He accomplished nothing worthwhile in the Senate or as Mayor of Burlington and before that, he didn’t work.

According to a new Politico report, Sanders now owns three homes and has a net worth that is “approaching at least $2 million, taking into account his publicly outlined assets and liabilities along with the real estate he owns outright.”

“In a strict, bottom-line sense, Sanders has become one of those rich people against which he has so unrelentingly railed. The champion of the underclass and castigator of “the 1 percent” has found himself in the socio-economic penthouse of his rhetorical bogeymen,” the report continued.

Just four years ago ” Sanders had that credit card debt and two mortgages that ranged from $250,001 to $500,000.”

Sanders’ sudden wealth is mostly due to his recent successful book sales selling pablum to the masses.

“In 2016, though, book money began to pile up. He got a $795,000 advance to write Our Revolution. He pocketed an additional $70,484 in royalties. In 2017, the book royalties added up to $880,091.14. And last year, while they dipped, they still were a hunk of money: $392,810.37,” says Politico

“I wrote a best-selling book,” Sanders recent told the New York Times when asked about his wealth. “If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.”

He’s just another political whore. If he believed his own BS, he’d give the money to the government. He loves 90% tax rates, after all. He is another envious and greedy socialist, who believes in stealing from others to give freebies to his choice voters.

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4 years ago

Oh, but he’s not a billionaire, he’s only a millionaire so it’s OK and he’s still a good socialist and a champion of the little guy so he is justified in keeping all of his assets and not paying more than 26% of his net earned income in taxes.
I’m not sure of the author of this but I heard a quote yesterday: It is better to trust a rich man who became a politician than a politician who became a rich man.
Harry Truman once said: “An honest public servant can’t become rich in politics. He can only attain greatness and satisfaction by service.”