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Nakedly Partisan Jack Smith Rushes to Trial in Biden’s Banana Republic


Radically partisan Jack Smith jumped to the Supreme Court to rush to trial to convict Donald Trump before Americans could vote for him. This is election interference in Biden’s Banana Republic.

He wants to keep that March 4th date at all costs.

Radically partisan Jack Smith jumped to the Supreme Court to rush to trial to convict Trump before Americans could vote for him.
Even The Washington Post admits that politics are shaping the Jack Smith case. After making the obligatory insults about Trump in the Opinion piece,  columnist Jason Willick said there are big problems ahead for Jack Smith’s case.

“Now, in a filing at the Supreme Court, Smith has all but announced that his prosecutorial timeline is controlled by the 2024 general election in which Trump is likely to be a candidate.

“Start with the gag order litigation. In September, Smith asked for startling restrictions on Trump’s right to object to his own prosecution. He demanded that Trump be barred from “disparaging and inflammatory” statements about Smith or the judicial system. Most astonishing, the special counsel suggested that Trump should be barred from blaming Biden for the prosecution — essentially muzzling a major line of criticism against the administration that Trump wants to unseat.”

Willick said that you’d think Smith would be careful when pushing restrictive gag orders, but not Smith.

“Smith is probably less concerned now with whether a Trump conviction will survive appeal than with whether Trump can be convicted ahead of the November 2024 election. That brings us to Smith’s unusual motion, filed Monday, to bypass the normal appellate process and fast-track the Trump trial based on what can be described only as a political timetable.


This argument is circular: The case must be accelerated because if it’s not accelerated, it will be delayed. But trials are delayed all the time, sometimes for years. Smith doesn’t say what he means: If the justices don’t take the case now, the chances of completing a trial before the 2024 election will go down. If Trump is not tried and convicted by the election, the chances of a Biden victory will take a hit.

The author thinks the former president’s efforts to “overturn the election were despicable,” but “political lying isn’t generally a crime. Smith’s case thus must rely on some of the vaguest laws in the federal penal code, applying them in untested ways.”

President Trump had every right to question the election. The election was fraught with problems.

What Jack Smith is doing is UnAmerican.

It’s unlikely that Smith will get his wish. Forcing a trial before Donald Trump’s lawyers have time to go through the more than 11 million documents and other assorted videos, audio, and hundreds of witnesses violates Trump’s 6th Amendment right to effective assistance of counsel.

One concern is that Justices Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett won’t do the right thing. They’ve been brutally intimidated by the hardcore left.

Jack Smith is evil. What he is doing is evil. These people in the administration are bad actors.

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