Nancy Pelosi Escapes All Responsibility for Jan. 6 2021


On Tuesday, the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight held a hearing to assess the security failures on January 6, 2021. Former Chief Sund testified that he spoke with Nancy Pelosi three times on J6. Even though her position as Speaker put her in charge of security at the Capitol, she has completely distanced herself from any blowback.

Chief Sund, who recently sat for an interview with Tucker Carlson, told him that “everything appears to be a cover-up” regarding the Jan. 6, 2021, protests at the U.S. Capitol.

The actors in the made-for TV movie – the bunker J6 2021

Sund said he came to that realization when he considered all the lying everyone was engaging in.

During his interview with Tucker, Sund said Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Armed Forces, took an interest, and Sund believed he was collecting intelligence before January 6th that they did not share with him.

“Well, again, for Milley and Miller to be that concerned about, uh, about January 6th in advance, they had to be getting the intelligence from somewhere,” Sund said. “I mean, talk about locking down Washington, D.C.? That’s a huge undertaking. Um, and again, to never, never notify me. But when you begin to sit there and wonder about…”

Another issue came on Tuesday when he told the committee that he spoke with Nancy Pelosi three times. That’s not what Nancy Pelosi said. She claimed she never spoke with Chief Sund. Pelosi has repeatedly denied her well-defined role as the top official responsible for the security of the Capitol building as then-Speaker.

Sund explained that Paul Irving, the House Sergeant of Arms, and he discussed calling in the National Guard. Irving said he’d run it up the chain. Up the chain means Pelosi.

He also said he spoke with Pelosi three times that day, although she said she never spoke with him. Sund was specific about the conversations and has proof.

In case you’ve forgotten, the media put on a full court press to convince the public Nancy Pelosi was far removed from responsibility or knowledge of supervision of the Capitol.



We had this information in January 2021.

On Jan. 7, Pelosi said she had not talked to Sund when she called for him to step down.

“And I think Mr. Sund – he hasn’t even called us since this happened,” Pelosi told reporters. “So, I have made him aware that I would be saying that we’re calling for his resignation.”

An aide to Pelosi later clarified (or is it “covered” for Pelosi?) that she was referring to the hours since the last conversation with Sund, which occurred early in the evening Jan. 6.

Nancy Pelosi’s filmmaker daughter, Alexandra, failed to film those calls, although she filmed other phone calls Nancy made from the bunker.


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