Phony Kamala laughs it up over impeachment until she sees cameras rolling


There must be something in the water in the swamp since it’s hard to believe that an entire party is this crazy. Watch Kamala laugh it up in the clip below until she realizes the cameras are live.

We don’t know what she was laughing about, however, she is one of the jurors and she just left the impeachment room. She actually called it a “serious moment” and claimed they were the “the most serious charges ever brought against a President.”

One of my readers expressed it well when he said this impeachment is based on a false accounting of a transcript between the President and Ukraine’s President. Every bit of evidence is hearsay by people who want to destroy the President, and, in most if not all cases, destroy his supporters.

This impeachment is a joke to these Democrats. That’s our Constitution they are damaging!

It is a joke, but not for the reasons they think. They are wallowing in glee because they impeached the Republican President. Make no mistake, they are impeaching all of you, Republicans, Independents, non-affiliated, and Democrats, out there who support him.

We saw how Nancy Pelosi treated it during the signing of the Articles of Impeachment, giggling, signing each letter of her name with a different gold pen, engraved gold pens courtesy of the taxpayers, served as souvenirs from silver platters.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave a great speech, short but eloquent, describing what happened.

The Democrats think we’re all stupid and don’t understand what is going on. Their hatred will be the end of them if they don’t watch it. As for Kamala, she is a far-left piece of work.


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