Narrative of Obama’s Chef’s Death Differs from Police Reports


Barack Obama’s beloved chef Tafari Campbell, died in a strange accident in August, and the story is now changing. According to the police report released by Judicial Watch on Friday, Barack Obama showed up at the scene soon after Mr. Campbell went missing. Barack Obama was present for a witness interview, which is new information.

An unnamed female staffer jumped in the water when Tafari went down, but it was already too late. Tafari had disappeared. He was reportedly a good swimmer.

According to Judicial Watch, records obtained from the Massachusetts State Police ‘indicate’ that Obama was present for a witness interview.

“[The records] indicate Barack Obama arrived at the emergency response scene via motorcade. A short time later, a cold, wet woman, who was a witness, arrived. The next morning, the eyewitness was interviewed in the Obama residence, again with Barack Obama present,” Judicial Watch revealed.

State Police records say there was “no foul play” in Campbell’s death, adding it was an accident.

So why all the secrecy, and why did they cover the information up?

The Obama compound has surveillance footage of Tafari moments before he entered the water.  Fox News will try to obtain it. We didn’t know about the footage.

The records, obtained by Judicial Watch, reveal that Campbell’s clothing was found apart from the body, and a life vest was not in use. Several other key details about the drowning incident, which occurred on July 23, 2023, in Martha’s Vineyard, were redacted.

The documents made public also contain a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) incident report dated July 23:

Secret Service Agent [redacted] adv swimmers unable to locate the party at this time. Party last scene [sic] wearing all black, on a paddle board, African American male.

“It is concerning that Judicial Watch had to push and push for information on this tragic death, such as the new revelation that the Obama’s Secret Service protection reported Mr. Campbell missing,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton remarked.

The media didn’t do their due diligence for some reason.

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