Nashville Killer’s Manifesto Reveals She Hated Christians, Had Bizarre Trans Fantasies


The Nashville killer, who called himself/herself a transgender named Aiden, wrote a manifesto that she left in her car when she murdered six people, including three 9-year-old children, at a Christian elementary school. It was concealed by the police under pressure from the Left.

The manifesto has been released. The Tennessee Star and others filed suit to get it released. The victims’ families joined the lawsuit, saying they had rights to it since it was part of her estate.

Everything that we thought was true was true. Audrey Hale was a very disturbed transgender who had bizarre sexual fantasies of having sex as a man and having an imaginary penis. She had stuffed animals, pretending she was Tony, the boy toy (a stuffed animal) having sex with another soft toy. She acted it out.

She called herself a pervert, wasting too much time on fantasies.

She wasn’t happy that her mother didn’t accept her as a boy.

She’d Kill for Puberty Blockers and Hated Her Christian Upbringing

She wrote about her torture as a trans girl and how she would kill to get puberty blockers. That was weeks before her horrible attack on the covenant school last year.

In the manifesto, she wrote about how she hated her Christian upbringing and suffered because she didn’t have hormone blockers when she was a child.

Last November, Stephen Crowder was able to obtain three pages of notes written from the manifesto in which Hale wrote that she planned to target “white privileged crackers and fascists.”

She wrote a lot of politically charged comments about her right to own guns. She said she hated “shithead politicians.”

On the day of the attack, she wrote that today was the day. She was a little nervous but excited, too. She added that she’s ready and hopes her victims are.

She was shot dead at 10:20, 14 minutes after she began shooting. During the autopsy, it was revealed that Hale’s clothing was covered in handwritten words, drawings, and numbers.

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