Nasty BLMers & George Floyd’s nephew invade Iowa Capitol building


The media ignored a mini-storming of the Iowa State Capitol building. Misbehavior was livestreamed by Cortez Rice from Minneapolis, the nephew of George Floyd.

“This is the new Jim Crow,” Rice said. “If we don’t put our foot on this sh*t’s neck, this will be happening everywhere,” he said.

After putting graffiti on the steps of the Iowa state capitol with chalk, the BLM protestors moved inside the building. They tried to perform a socially distanced “die-in” for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, the length of time that George Floyd was held on the ground for.

“Where was this energy on January 6th with the insurrectionists,” one woman shouted.

At one point, Rice and another man commented that people should “pull up” to the houses of elected officials. “We do that in Minnesota,” one man said.

Some woman who said she was a high school student claimed she only went up to two officers to get their badge numbers. Then the state troopers arrived, where the young woman punched one of them.

The woman was arrested, at which point the protestors became violent, attacking the troopers during their attempted arrest of the woman from all sides.

The woman who was arrested said she is a high-school student from Norwalk, just outside Des Moines. The student even said that she had been attempting to get the superintendent of her school district fired for allegedly covering up “hate crimes and harassment.” She added that she and her friends were planning on crashing the school board meeting this Monday. “We’ve been diplomatic about it for six months,” the woman said.

She sounds lovely.

Despite the threats to state legislators from the protestors, and violent attacks on state troopers caught on camera, the mainstream media had zero interest.

The one arrested hit a police officer.

He — Cortez Rice, George Floyd’s nephew — sounds like a genius.

They’re calling the police “mother f–ers” in the clip, and continue the phony chant, “I can’t breathe.”

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