“National suicide…with such geometric speed against so little resistance”


Seldom has so obvious a national suicide advanced with such geometric speed against so little resistance. True to form, the rot comes from within.

We cannot survive without the defense of our sovereignty and independence.

You need to read, Defense Rests, by Mark Helprin, at the Claremont Review of Books. It’s a brief and frightening look into our future enslavement and it’s hard to deny the facts.


“Of 56 categories in the last seven Gallup Polls, national security is ranked by less than half a percent of respondents as the most important problem facing the U.S., and yet its effect on whether we stand or fall is equal to that of all other problems combined. Even should we descend into nightmarish shambles as in the Civil War, with the defense of our sovereignty and independence, just as then, we can survive. Without it, we cannot,” Helprin writes.

Joe Biden is ceding the Middle East to Russia, Turkey, and Iran, bound by ideology and lacking any “strategic clarity,” he continues what Obama began.

In the Middle East, nexus of three continents and holding by far the world’s largest oil reserves, Russia and China now have firm footholds as Iran and Turkey spread forces and influence in an envelopment of the region’s center of gravity, including dominance over its three essential straits (the Bosporus, Hormuz, and the Bab al-Mandab). In response, the Biden Administration punishes Saudi Arabia, relieves pressure on the Houthis, snubs Israel, ignores the Abraham Accords, and courts Iran, begging for revival of the agreement that would guarantee the near-term birth of Iranian nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them at long range.

China will soon defeat us.

There, China’s mass, ingenuity, proximity, and ruthless statecraft hold inimitable sway as America has lost its military edge. Though recent administrations point proudly to the pivot east, in the Western Pacific China’s naval forces outnumber ours ten to one; in aircraft west of the international dateline by 1,440 to 350; in missiles pertinent to theater, 1,000 to nil. In many cases, American forces are qualitatively superior, but China’s military trajectory strongly suggests that in five to ten years this will not be so. And when its technologies fully mature, its surge capacity can make it the arsenal of despotism. Consider that the U.S. has six major shipyards, that China has more than 100, and that whoever is master of the Pacific will be master of the world.

Further, we have lost the will to preserve even our shrinking military advantage. One illustrative example was the gratuitous cancellation of the F-22, the world’s most advanced fighter plane.

They’re taking over South America.

We perilously neglect Chinese, Russian, and even Iranian inroads in South America, inasmuch as the Western Hemisphere should be our undisputed and possibly last bastion. Blinded by the fog of inward-looking self-destruction, we have forgotten that military force is the sine qua non in the chess game of the world. Every piece on the board, even the king, can fight and kill. A country that has lost sight of this—and fails to understand the roles of deterrence, forces in being, the threat of force, the use of force, and spatial maneuver across the continents and seas—cannot be destined for anything but servitude.

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