As Americans are stranded at an Afghanistan airport, Biden cuts & runs


Joe Biden is likely the laziest president in US history. If he does anything in a day, it’s surprising. When Kabul fell, Biden and all his staff were on vacation or heading for vacation. Currently, as six planes — brought to Mazar-i-Sharif airport by American heroes — sit on a tarmac in Northern Afghanistan, stranded Americans and SIVs pray they will get to leave on those planes. Biden apparently thought this was the perfect time for another vacation.

It’s unclear what is going on at the airport in Afghanistan since Rep. Mike McCaul claims the Taliban want a ransom, but other reports, including reports from rescue teams on the ground, blame the White House and State Department for blocking the planes from leaving.

As this and other crises unfold, Biden is back in Delaware, vacationing. Both he and Jill will take time from vacationing to visit the three sites attacked on 9/11 for the 20th anniversary. It’s very likely the victim’s families don’t want them there.

Biden doesn’t care about Americans as was evident during the honoring of the 13 service members killed in Kabul as their bodies were brought into Dover. The man also doesn’t care about the Americans left stranded or the SIVs.

He’s happily removed from the devastation he is responsible for causing.

It’s not going over well with Republicans. Democrats couldn’t care less.

And one of the victims of Biden’s fecklessness:

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