Nation’s worst governor says employers must hire illegals, it’s their civil right


The country’s worst governor, Illinois’s far-left J.B. Pritzker (D) signed legislation that makes it a civil rights violation for an employer to not hire an illegal alien who has secured a work permit from the federal government.

This includes most of the people coming in illegally now and it will encourage further illegal immigration. Our borders are wide open and we no longer have borders. We are no longer a country.

As illegals pour in to replace the American citizen at the polling booth one day soon, Pritzker, who many believe bought his seat with his wealth, is now demanding they take American jobs as well.

They will work for lower wages until they get smart, but it will pull down the wages of Americans.

This week, Pritzker signed into law HB 121, which will classify not hiring illegal aliens with work permits for Illinois jobs as a civil rights violation.

What about American citizens’ civil rights?

The law is specifically designed to prevent employers from not hiring illegal aliens who are enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) but also will encompass border crossers who are released into the United States interior and able to secure work permits via the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Pritzker said, “Throughout my governorship, I’ve directed my administration to adopt policies that make Illinois a welcoming state for immigrants, and I’m proud to sign these accountability measures into law to advance our cause.”

They’re not immigrants. They’re illegal aliens who Democrats see as lifelong Democrat voters.



  1. Will they draft the replacements to conquer the world?
    All of this is a small price to pay to be rid of the bad orange man.
    Being owned by the state down to your DNA, $5 a gallon gas, grocery shopping like a spree at Nieman-Marcus, all worth it to virtue signal against the diabolical KGB mastermind TrumpHitlerSatan.

  2. First of all, as the owner of a privately owned business I’ll hire and fire people based on my criteria, not theirs or someone else like the government. If I don’t hire you I don’t have to tell you why. I’ll just politely tell you “No” and leave it at that. Now if you or the government will assume all of the liabilities of running my business perhaps I’ll change my mind. But I doubt it. You are more than welcome to start up your own business and compeat for my customers. If they like your business and employees the I’ll probably close up shop and you win.

  3. That’s still a violation of federal law, whether Pritzker wants to provide sanctuary for illegals or not. Pritzker himself can be charged for this legislation, but that won’t happen under the Biden regime.

    • Didn’t and wouldn’t happen under a Trump administration either. Ever get the feeling that politicians regardless of party affiliation could give a rats a** about the citizenry.

  4. I’m afraid that these bleeding heart Marxist democrats will rue the day that they played this game of transforming this country into a third world country. Of course all the aristocrats and politburo will will be above the fray and chaos.

  5. These politicians and people that are having the border open and supporting illegals are treasonous against the Constitution and the citizens of the USA. All should be arrested and jailed.

  6. This is exactly how Civil Right brought you “minorities first” starting in 1965.Unqualified blacks,Hispanics and women were given “preferences” for all government jobs everywhere and private business were directed to do the same- and they did-because the US govt and the state and city govt gave these same private business enormous financial / tax incentives-which they still do today. Additional ALL US colleges have been doing the same since 64 too , and college professors and administrators are loving those extra hundred thousand dollar benefits way too much to say No.This is just the tip of the ice burg.Who is paying who?The CCP buys US corporations,manufacturing and businesses and these US businesses do as they are directed.

  7. Don’t voters (even Democrats) realize that they’re electing “representatives” who represent non-citizens over the interests of Americans!? LOL! How is that OK? Even the GOP bends over for it and allows it to happen. And the idiot voters will reelect these people! It’s astounding.

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