NBC hack calls Melania’s Rose Garden a “neo-fascist parade ground”


Democrats have gone insane. We still have more than two months to the election and this is the kind of lunacy we have to listen to from an NBC/MSNBC correspondent — Howard Fineman.

The rose garden is a “neo-fascist parade ground,” according to Howard Fineman. Fineman is comparing a picture with Spring blooms to a picture of normal Summer foliage in the clip below. The man is pathetic.

Other Liberals, like Kurt Eichenwald, a former NY Times reporter, are calling Melania a “classless illegal” for redoing the Rose Garden, saying she’s a “foreigner” who has no right to redo “our history.” She’s a citizen and these people are sick.

Other responses from the left were very hateful.

Nutty producer:

This loon thinks he’s an average American:

The garden is stunning

The garden now includes audio and visual capabilities as well as lighting and access for television cameras.

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