NBC: “Little Scientific Evidence” BioMales Have Advantages in Sports


NBC News wants you to believe there is “little scientific evidence” that biological males have an advantage in women’s sports.

Don’t believe your lying eyes or any facts and buy into this, or you’re a bigot.

A reporter would have to be pretty stupid to believe it or expect us to. If it were the case, wouldn’t transmen be dominating men’s sports?

The women’s world record in the 100 meters is 10.49 seconds and has stood since 1988. The boys’ high school record is 10.0 seconds.

Why is U of Penn student Lia Thomas crushing every swimming record?

People aren’t “furious” because Thomas is transgender as NBC claims in this clip. It’s because she’s a biological male who is destroying women’s sports. The host claims Thomas has the support of her team and school. Her team has anonymously said they don’t support this.

Watch this insanity:



    • Maybe this great grandmother will accept it when he has his penis and gonads amputated, has fallopian tubes, ovaries, and a uterus implant; and the sheitsky menstruates and produces eggs. Then we can talk about Thomasina Twinkle Toes.
      I agree he’s not a man. What real man would stoop to this demeaning chicanery?

  1. Well of course there’s no difference between male and female athletes. I mean, if there were a difference, don’t you think they would have separate leagues for men and women?

  2. If there is “little scientific evidence that biological males have an advantage in women’s sports” then why do we have men’s and women’s sports? Why the need to segregate, if there is no advantage for males? Women can obviously compete at an equal level in basketball, football, track & field, swimming, tennis, etc. This is not just stupidity, it is sheer insanity.

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