NBC News Is Concerned About Domestic Terrorism Label for Antifa


NBC News, State Media

While it was okay to arrest protesters and rioters on January 6th on domestic terrorism charges, that is not the case for actual domestic terrorists. NBC News, a state media outlet, is very concerned about domestic terrorism charges against Antifa. Antifa is an anarchist-communist organization. Their main objective is to overturn our capitalist system and culture.

NBC News claims that the arrests of the violent protesters in “Cop City” on domestic terrorism charges “raises concerns.” They refer to Cop City riots as “protests.”

The byline on the article quoted radicals:

“Critics of such laws, including civil rights groups, say they can be politicized and used against marginalized groups or those disliked by government.”

Excerpt from the report:

The decision by prosecutors to pursue domestic terrorism charges against opponents of a police training center outside Atlanta is drawing criticism, with some legal experts saying it’s a potentially dangerous overreach that could be viewed as politically motivated.

More than a dozen people have been charged with domestic terrorism in connection with the protests, including seven people after a Jan. 18 confrontation with police who were trying to clear the proposed site of the center, dubbed “Cop City” by critics.

They tried to kill cops.

One man was fatally shot by police in the confrontation after he opened fire and wounded a state trooper, authorities said. In protests that followed the killing and the police sweeps, six people were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism…

Critics of domestic terrorism laws, including some civil rights groups, oppose them “because of the risk of politicization because they can be used against politically disfavored groups by the government,” Patrick Keenan, a professor of law at the University of Illinois, said.

Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization, but Democrats support them. Joe Biden’s staffers and Kamala Harris have raised money to get violent Antifa “protesters” out of prison.

In Atlanta, these terrorists have:
  • Fire-bombed a youth facility;
  • Fire-bombed corporate offices;
  • Vandalized private citizens’ homes;
  • Disrupted church services and vandalized churches;
  • Shot a police officer;
  • Burned businesses and police vehicles.

Biden’s DHS consistently issues terror bulletins aimed at people on the right. They ignore Antifa. Rioting Antifa members have even had their records expunged.

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1 month ago

Auntees Pantees are actually one of the tools belonging to the race hating democrat party, engaged whenever dems need to hide their nefarious goings-on. Their being verified terrorists is putting it mildly.

Maxims of law
Maxims of law
1 month ago

Today the Democrats refused to denounce communism in a Congressional vote.
So of course their media partners are very concerned that the communist extremism not be labeled Domestic terrorism … they can’t handle such truth .

Sex toy
Sex toy
1 month ago

Like the Nazi fascists protected the Brownshirts, Dims protect ANTIFA

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

This site needs to “get with it.”
Repeat after me, “Left wing nuts can never be terrorists because they are seeking to right the great wrong done against the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse, even if labelled criminals, the homeless (even if the are not homeless but want a better place to freeload) and tempest tossed (because hey paid the unscrupulous to travel in unsafe boats). The real terrorists are those who want to enforce constitutional law against these brave heroes of the revolution.”

Try hard to get with the program.

BTW is it tongue-in-cheek or tongue in cheek. Sometimes I mess up the grammar.

Reader mostly
Reader mostly
1 month ago

Technically, everyone is antifa, except for the fa.

Government, “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think I’ll go eat worms.”