NBC News Is Taking Tucker Twitter News Well


NBC News is panicked that no one will police Tucker Carlson’s speech. And for backup, they interviewed the now-fired purveyor of dis- and misinformation, Brian Stelter. The irony is beyond words.

Stelter claims Twitter is now a right-wing platform.

Not true! Twitter is for everyone, but it was only for the Left pre-Musk. NBC News just can’t live with another point of view. You are a right-wing nutjob if you disagree with open borders, identity politics, anti-American and anti-white CRT, unlimited spending, parents’ rights over mutilation surgeries, and puberty blockers for children.

The media is pushing anti-white racism, but Carlson is the racist? Listen to him on Twitter and tell me he’s a racist and why.

Outlets like NBC News and people like Brian Stelter are a big part of America’s problem. The media tells us what to think and what to care about. We must regard them with extreme skepticism to save our independence in opinion and thought.

The media is in panic mode.

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