Nearly 70% strongly disapprove of Biden’s Afghanistan performance


Nearly 70% of Americans strongly disapprove of Biden’s Afghanistan performance according to The Trafalgar Group.

Another 9.8% disapprove. But 12.4% of strange people approve, with an additional even stranger 10.7% strongly approving. Then there are the 7.5% with no opinion at all.

In other words, more than 23% approve or strongly approve of this Biden-Harris-Obama?-Haines-Sullivan-Rice-Klain-Milley-Austin-mess.

In a Rasmussen poll taken August 18-19, 52% of Americans think Biden is mentally or physically unfit for the job of president and 51% believe someone else is pulling the strings at the White House.

Among likely US voters surveyed, 52 percent said they are not confident Biden is up to the most powerful job in the world. More than a third – 41 percent said they are “not confident at all.”

Just 46 percent of respondents are confident in his mental and physical capabilities.

When he chose Vice President Kamala Harris as his running mate, critics predicted the younger Democrat would be controlling the White House operation.

But according to Rasmussen Reports’ poll data, 51 percent of likely voters believe other people are making decisions for Biden and only 39 percent think he’s in charge. The number of people who think Biden is in control was 47 percent in March.

Ten percent said they were unsure.

Harris’s favorability with voters is not much better.

Harris’s standing among likely voters is falling as 55 per cent reveal they do not think the vice president is qualified to run the nation as she spoke publicly for the first time in six days in pre-recorded remarks for a black journalism conference.

When likely voters were asked in a Rasmussen Reports poll released Thursday if Harris is ready to be US president, 47 per cent said she is “not at all qualified” while 8 per cent said she’s “not qualified.”

Only 14 per cent of the 1,000 polled between August 12-15 said she is “qualified” and another 29 per cent said she is “very qualified” to run the nation.



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