Nebraska Schools Reject Progressive Sex Ed for Young Children


We have Departments of Education lying to parents. Lying is routine and there is no shame attached to it. The lies are excused because a stealth agenda, including genderism, 1619 Project, and Critical Race Theory, is being pushed into the schools to create a society of aberrant Marxists. Nebraska parents rejected it in their state.

These new ‘inclusive’ ideologies are prime examples of cultural rot and are meant to erase Western values. For this one state that rejected it, there are many more that haven’t. As the rot grows in city after city, state after state, it will consume everyone as it stealthily creeps along.

A case in point comes out of the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE). They falsely claimed no outside activist groups helped compile their radical sex education guidelines. They lied. But The Washington Free Beacon has the emails, texts, and other documents to prove it.

An official on the Board, Deborah Neary did get a Friends of Planned Parenthood board member Lisa Schulze to work on the 28-person advisory team. Schulze has deep ties to advocacy groups with their hands out.


The NDE didn’t call it a curriculum. It’s “just a framework.” That was a deliberate effort to circumvent the truth. It was an effort to minimize a curriculum that would have had a monumental impact on children.

Lesson plans included transgender hormone therapy for children as young as 10 years of age in 5th grade, gender identity in 1st grade, transgenderism and sexual orientation in 6th grade, oral and anal sex in 7th grade, and reproductive care [abortion] in 8th grade.

According to a draft of the education department’s “Health Education Standards,” kindergarteners were to learn about “cohabitating” and same-sex couples in the classroom. The framework encourages teachers to discuss “different kinds of family structures” with six-year-olds. Examples of different family structures include “single parent, blended, intergenerational, cohabitating, adoptive, foster, same-gender, interracial.”

Perhaps this so-called inclusive education may have been designed to promote the recruitment of children to ‘transgenderism,’ which might explain why they want to get started in kindergarten.


This is the blatant goal to destroy the American family that Marxist Democrats have long desired.

There was serious blowback by the community and officials rejected the draft. There were allegations of Planned Parenthood involvement, and parents were outraged.

The NDE claimed no outside agency was involved, Planned Parenthood had no role, and no activists wrote the curriculum. They claimed no money was passing hands. Those were lies.

The Free Beacon obtained emails and texts proving the NDE shut out parents and teachers who were supposed to write the curriculum. The NDE falsely claimed advisers, who basically did write it, had no role in the writing of the curriculum.

The NDE played with semantics to deceive. At least one teacher member of the writing team had no knowledge of any of the content.

The original draft of the curriculum was nearly identical to the 2020 National Sex Education Standards, which was written by three deep-pocketed progressive advocacy groups: the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), Advocates for Youth, and Answer.

Parents demanded all of the gender identity and transgender language be removed. It was.

Nebraska’s Governor Pete Ricketts had released a statement calling on the Department of Education to nix the sex education plan.

These are sensitive topics meant to be discussed at home with parents, he explained.

Ricketts claimed that the framework was developed with the help of “political activists” and without the input of “key mainstream organizations.”  He was correct.

This is going on in thousands of public school districts stealthily and often incrementally.


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2 years ago

Just go to a voucher system and do away with the FAILED Public School System. Our schools will be far better if there is “competition” to better educate our children. The problem with Communist Democrat Liberal Losers is they want equity. That means that everyone gets an equally poor education defined by the Least Common Denominator and Government. What we have now is children in most public schools being educated as if they had an IQ of about 85. Soon we will lowering the level to an IQ Level 50, i.e. MORONS. We need a school system that can identify Geniuses early and turn them in an Einstein. We also need schools who can identify children with learning disabilities early and mitigate the issues effectively early. Big Government Schooling will never be effective in going this. Looking something up on Google and parroting talking points is not a sign of intelligence. As Government Education Control has grown, our children have effectively become dumb as dirt; especially when it comes to social issues. Oversight of High Tech Social Media is a big problem. Today’s children have severe communication issues and are increasingly becoming socially dysfunctional. Most of the teachers I’ve dealt with in the 30 or 40 years are dumb as dirt Liberal Arts Majors who can’t even change a Tire, much less explain to a student how they can apply something like Trigonometry in real life. How do two Liberal Arts Majors change a tire? One rolls a joint and the other calls Triple “A”. (If they have a cell phone signal.)

Temple Of Smoke
Temple Of Smoke
2 years ago

Comrade kommissar Garland will send the KGB/STASI/FIB out to deal with these deplorable kulak untermenschen bitter clingers?
Disruption of honeypots is what really rubs their rhubarb the wrong way which is why they had to pull out all the stops in order to get rid of bad Orange Man without causing American Revolution redux.
Tenth amendment will be extremely important in what is left of the history of the once great republic, use it wisely pockets of freedom states.