Neera Tanden deletes 1100 tweets before announcement she’ll run OMB


Joe Biden’s handlers have chosen Neera Tanden to run the OMB. She is a Hillary-Soros operative who says she wants to cut social security, Medicare, and Medicaid. She is the consummate swamp creature who pushed the fake Russia-Trump conspiracy. Everyone Biden is appointing is a swamp creature.

Neera Tanden is president and CEO of the wacky Center American Progress (CAP).

She has a tough road to confirmation as Joe Biden’s budget director given her vicious comments about GOP senators she now needs for confirmation.

Tanden deleted tweets between November 16 and today due to harsh criticism of Republican senators. It’s doubtful the senators will forget what she said this month alone.

She was a hate-filled conspiracy theorist:

Tanden is a far-left progressive now pretending she is a liberal. She is whatever her boss wants her to be:



  1. Shhh…don’t tell the enlightened beings but the internet is forever or at least until the unicorn fart powered rolling black outs.
    Universal Power Supplies for computers don’t come in unicorn or solar power.
    They must think that the deplorables aren’t smart enough to use a screen grab app as they can’t figure out what a gender is or think they know better than God or Lady Nature.

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