Neo-Marxist ‘Black Lives Matter’ seeks to overturn America


Black Lives Matter has partnered with Antifa and there is a reason for that. They are both international neo-Marxist movements, and both are secessionist movements. BLM self-identifies as neo-Marxist.

“The rapid spread of protests across the West under the Black Lives Matter banner has left a political breathlessness from Baltimore to Berlin. Those in positions of authority are scrambling to show they are addressing endemic racism, and in the commercial sphere, not ending up on the wrong side of the debate and risking Twitter storms and boycotts. In a world where nothing is exempt from moral judgment, being on trend means signing up for radical political movements,” Alexandra Phillips writes at the Telegraph in an article titled, “Make no mistake – BLM is a radical neo-Marxist political movement.”


“That is what Black Lives Matter is. Don’t take my word for it. Take theirs. The form of words that appears on most online posts connected to the group riffs on ‘the black radical tradition’ which counts among its past contributors the Black Panther Movement and Malcolm X. BLM happily self-identifies as a neo-Marxist movement with various far-left objectives, including defunding the police (an evolution of the Panther position of public open-carry to control the police), to dismantling capitalism and the patriarchal system, disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure, seeking reparations from slavery to redistribute wealth and via various offshoot appeals, to raise money to bail black prisoners awaiting trial. The notion of seizing control of the apportionment of capital, dismantling the frameworks of society, and neutralizing and undermining law enforcement is not just Marxist, but anarchic….”


The Black Lives Matter movement issued its official list of demands of political leaders in 2016, and they are even more radical, racially divisive, anti-capitalist, and anti-law enforcement than we ever dreamed. They are getting worse, and thanks to the media, they are being mainstreamed.

Among the six categories of demands are permanent reparations “for past and continuing harms” to the black community, including free education for life and a guaranteed minimum income; the end of “the war on black people” and banning the “criminalization” of blacks in any form, including pop culture; the redirecting of law enforcement and military funds to black communities; a complete overhaul of the economy to benefit black people and a rewriting of the tax code for a “radical” redistribution of wealth; control over local government; and “independent Black political power and Black self-determination in all areas of society.”

This did not come from the fringe BLM, it came from over 60 organizations associated with the movement endorsing it, The Daily Wire reported at the time.


Of course, black lives matter and that’s why we want them to have decent schools, good jobs, and no poverty.

The left-wing Democrats have had free reign and completely unencumbered power to institute any policy they’ve wanted in every major city in America since the late 1960s and look at the state of African-Americans in those cities today. The left is trying to do the same thing to Hispanics. Eventually, we will all be dependent on far-left Democrats if we don’t start standing up for American values.

The media is far-left and makes a living by promoting these hard-left groups and their causes. They are bringing Black Lives Matter into the mainstream under the guise of racism. It’s really about overturning all that made America great.

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