Nets Ban Unvaxxed Kyrie Irving & ESPN calls for him to be CANCELED


Nets phenome Kyrie Irving hasn’t been able to play home games because of New York’s vaccination laws and he won’t get vaccinated. He has been able to play at away games since the Nets hadn’t banned the unvaccinated. He was allowed to practice in New York, but not play, which shows how absurd these laws are.

That’s about to change.

The Nets just banned him from playing and practicing. The Left can’t have a black man resist. The pushback scares Democrats who are making slavery great again.

Our feeling is Democrats are scared and they don’t want his viewpoint, and that of Southwest Air employees, to take hold because for them it’s all about control.

In the end, this is likely about a worldwide movement — The Great Reset. Both Joe Biden and John Kerry have declared they are a part of it. Biden’s Build Back Better slogan is that of the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset movement.

The Left wants this young, talented man CANCELED! [GO TO A FREE STATE KYRIE!] Watch the ESPN host:

The very awful Joy Ann Reid is selling out Kyrie.

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1 year ago

Kyrie Irving is extremely smart for not taking the experimental emergency use only covid19 gene editing “vaccine”. This vaccine routinely causes massive immune destruction of your natural immunity, which results in death, blood clots, cancer, and other serious diseases. Kyrie absolutely made the right decision.

Electricity Grows in Wires
Electricity Grows in Wires
2 years ago

Biomedical Security State! (h/t-Ron DeSantis)
Totalitarians of the past are applauding wildly and cheering in the hot sulfur place.
Sportsball? No time for that during Bolshevik Revoluion 2.0 Great Reset Leap Forward, hopefully he was able to stash some money away and keep the make it rain ($$$) posse to a minimum in evil racist America where you can make millions playing a children’s game.