The Left Is Finding Ways to Get Wyoming to Take in Afghans


The Left has been trying for years to open Wyoming’s borders to the world, especially illegal aliens. The state has managed to keep their culture for forty years — before now. It is the only state that has not set up a refugee program.

The diversity activists have periodically come in to push the issue. They’ve tried to put refugee offices in the state since at least 2014 and it became an issue in a gubernatorial race in 2016.

You can look at immigration expert Ann Corcoran’s Wyoming archive by clicking here to check out the historical efforts.

A few years ago, the Left broke Montana and Idaho. Refugee resettlement is now radically changing the states.

Wyoming is once again in the crosshairs, along with the entire West.

The Washington Post is encouraging a proposal to diversify the “overwhelmingly white and Christian” state of Wyoming by resettling Afghans in the region.

As part of President Joe Biden’s massive resettlement operation out of Afghanistan, his administration plans to resettle at least 95,000 Afghans across 46 states. The only states or territories not taking Afghans are Hawaii, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Washington, DC.

They Found a Liberal Rector

In a piece titled “One state has never taken in refugees. Will it welcome Afghans?,” the Post explores a proposal by a local Episcopal church in Casper, Wyoming, to take in Afghans.

Jim Shumard, the rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church here, sent the email to his congregation with a plan it announced could be historic — for the parish and for Wyoming.

It’s always about ‘historic.’ Actually, what is historic is Wyoming holding on to its culture.

The Left goes after religious people because they are generally very caring and don’t like to turn people away. That’s especially true of Christians and Jews.

WaPo says Wyoming is “an island in a nation where states red and blue have for decades welcomed refugees.”

Do people really fall for this? Demographics are turning us into a totalitarian Democrat country. We need to step on the brakes.

They Didn’t All Help Us

WaPo writes: Bipartisan enthusiasm for helping Afghans who assisted the U.S. war effort and fled the Taliban takeover has waned somewhat, with Senate Republicans last week attempting to curtail evacuees’ access to aid and identification cards. Even so, 46 states are now preparing to host the refugees — including Wyoming’s neighbors. Idaho is expecting about 400 in the next year. Utah is welcoming 765 in the coming months. Montana will soon receive 75 Afghans.

A small portion of the Afghans are those who helped us. At least 50,000 of them are anonymous people who did not help us. WaPo is very deceitful in this piece.

The new immigrants have lots of children and once in, they can bring over any relative and relative of a relative they want. They bring that culture with them and they are told to not assimilate to ours. That’s when 400 become 4000 become 4 million.

The Welcoming America movement is funded in part by the Open Society and George Soros.

The ‘welcoming’ counties treat illegal immigrants and legal immigrants as if there was no difference.

According to the website Long Island Wins, their ultimate goal of Welcoming here on Long Island, as an example of what is going on, is to create a welcoming atmosphere – community by community – in which immigrants are able to integrate into the social fabric of their new hometowns.

It’s integration not assimilation. Nowhere is the word ‘assimilation’ ever mentioned.

We had to convert all government documents in Suffolk into numerous languages to accommodate the “immigrants”.

Our government agencies are being made more welcoming. So are our police receive cultural sensitivity training as part of their job.

In less than a decade we have five mosques in a five-mile area in this not-as-conservative bastion it once was.

We assimilate to them.

Unfortunately, the people being brought in do not share our values and they are destroying the country by giving Democrats totalitarian power. Democrats tell them to reject our values, not assimilate, and they give them freebies they need.

Send the anonymous Afghans to New York or California.

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