Never Before Seen Footage of J6 with Narration


Whoever created this video did a great job if you want to laugh at the absurdity of what we are told about J6. Five police officers died, it was our Civil War, our Pearl Harbor, an insurrection, an attack on the Capitol, a 9/11, and so on. The Progressive Democrats have kept up the lie for three years, and twenty J6 ‘offenders’ are still in prison without trial.

There was a riot, and it wasn’t a good day, but it wasn’t an insurrection. It was a rally that became a protest with some people rioting. People who paraded around – trespassed – were treated like domestic terrorists. Many were ushered in by police, and even told where to go as they stayed within the ropes. This clip shows what the J6 panel didn’t want you to know about the J6 rally.

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