They Came for Kyle Rittenhouse and One Day They Will Come for You


Satan sprung from the depths of Hell and looked for a place to extend his claws into the souls of man and wound up on Twitter, but he wasn’t alone. He brought his mean friends with him.

Twitter is the place where the evil and most intellectually vacant in our society can spew their venom. It is a place of enlightenment too, however. Without it, we would not have known how easily our fellow man can be turned into babbling fools.

We get to see how dumb some of our elected officials are and how so many of the beautiful people in Hollywood are spoiled narcissists mostly living with the shallowest of minds. Enlightenment!

The White Supremacist Lie to Drum Up Hate

Twitter user Sarah Beth Burwick wrote, “I am highly educated and reasonably perceptive, and it was only today that I learned the Kyle Rittenhouse victims were white. My progressive bubble made this seem like a very different case than it is.”

She didn’t know because the media and social media elite called Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist, as did the dimmest of all our leaders, Joe Biden.

The Brazil media is calling the attackers and so-called victims Black. Few are describing the three men shot by Rittenhouse as what they are — criminals and violent communists who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse first.

Lucky for Lewd Jeffrey

Lewd Jeffrey Toobin wrote on Twitter: I wonder what the verdict would be in the #RittenhouseTrial if the defendant were a Black seventeen year old from another state who killed two people with an illegal assault weapon?

Well, lucky for lewd Toobin, we already know the answer to that. It just happened last month in Arlington, Texas. A Black kid shot up his class room and ‘”white rich” kids. He was released after just one night in jail.

Ian Miles Cheong noted on Twitter today that “Liberals lose their minds over Rittenhouse judge saying ‘Asian food’, silent on Joe Biden saying ‘Negro’.

This is the Twitter sewer, filled with unfair wretched creatures who look for the most indecent and dishonest ways to attack their targets while ignoring their own sorry crowd of terminal jerks.

However, the enlightenment is also present in social media and on Twitter as we said. Social media rulers smother clips like the one below but you can find them. This one from YouTube shows the glorious moment when the People’s Revolution ‘victim’ with priors, Gaige Grosskreutz, was forced to confront and acknowledge the truth. Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t fire until Gaige Grosskreutz aimed his unlicensed Glock at his head.

Watch as Gaige must tell the truth:

Kyle Rittenhouse was convicted of two murders in the media and on social media, but the facts coming out show only self-defense.

Kyle’s story isn’t as portrayed, of a white supremacist running wildly shooting innocent men. In fact it’s of a teen, perhaps foolishly trying to protect other real victims, forced to protect himself from violent white men with criminal records looking to tear down Kenosha.

The attempt to convict an innocent teen on Twitter and in the media is evil, and it doesn’t start or stop with Kyle Rittenhouse.

“My Name Is Legion, For We Are Many”

The perpetually wrong and dimwitted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Squad are communists — yes, they are communists — who want you to believe that throwing all your money at their causes will somehow make the US a better place.

No matter how insane or destructive the ideas, they spread on Twitter as if they make sense because everyone Twitter allows to blog freely says so.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, another fraud, has the added quality of anti-white hate steaming from the top of her head and she too wants you to throw money at her so you feel better about your white guilt.

Let’s not forget the dimmest bulb in the box, Ibram X Kendi, aka Ibram Henry Rogers, who can say the most outrageously stupid things and the cash rolls in. We even allow it to roll into our K-12 schools, colleges, and universities to corrupt the minds of the youth and spread hate.

Their name is Legion, and they are many.

Jones and Kendi claim we have systemic racism in all of our institutions as they instill systemic racism in all of our institutions. There are only the oppressed and the oppressors in their idiotic ideology.

Karl Marx lives in the most ridiculous minds of the century.

Twitter is the cesspool of the WOKES and cancel culture who set themselves up as the judges of their fellow man and shamelessly smite others with cruel words and threats.

Twitter, thy name is Legion.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

The malevolence of ‘his’ legions have been increasing relentlessly over the past forty odd years…and verily they doth predominate in the Main sewer Stream fake Media and the so called ‘social’ media…the ‘perditionists’ proliferate therein…

2 years ago

The show trial is just to make people think twice about defending themselves for the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Loser Brownshirts. In other words; the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial is Government sponsored Terrorism.

Not My Comrades
Not My Comrades
2 years ago

The wokerati pajama boi/girl infants on Twitter?
The blind men trying to figure out the shape of an elephant have more of a clue.
It is all true believers of the people’s hiveborg echo chamber dreaming of some “good people” (credentialed) utopia while the “bad people” (Kulaks) are excluded from society and eventually final solutioned.
We can’t get along and we can’t exist in this land mass together.
There will be no compromise, this is what the comrades want as well and we can agree on this one point.

Trotsky's Icepick
Trotsky's Icepick
2 years ago

And I will make them regret the day that they ever entered into this world as they see my ugly mug on the way out.
Fear no commie RAT POS vermin and show no mercy.