Never Nikki Prepares for a Massive Loss Tomorrow


Haley has lost primaries in every state so far, including her own state of South Carolina. She then boasted of having won almost 40% of the vote.

Seb Gorka writes: Nikki Haley mailed ballots … to DEMOCRATS in South Carolina to vote for her in the Republican Primary, but the @MailOnline thinks she got 40% of the GOP vote?

Before the South Carolina vote, she went full-Democrat and put out an ad a Dem must have produced. It only included out-of-context, cherry-picked soundbites and ended with the infamous Charleston lie that even CNN admitted is a lie. It is a very vicious and dishonest thing for her to publish.


Her husband is in Djibouti, Africa, doing paperwork. You can safely walk down the streets in Djibouti. She went up to the podium at a rally and started to cry, exploiting a comment Donald Trump made. He asked where her husband was. Her husband is in the National Guard. However, why can’t Trump ask the question?

Haley’s husband, Michael, is posting anti-Trump memes on X in Djibouti during work hours and reposting Nikki’s videos and comments, which is against army regulations. He’s doing it anyway.

Haley has no path to victory – none, nada, zero, nine.


Ann Coulter showed no mercy in explaining the mission in Djibouti:

Your husband is currently making us safer in Djibouti, Africa, a place obviously top of mind for most Americans.

Our mission there is vital, and only the most obtuse would mock it. According to the Defense Department, American military exercises there consist of keeping the locals entertained with art bazaars, Ramadan meals, and field trips:

— “U.S. service members who deploy to [Djibouti] engage with our allies and Djiboutian partners through hosted events and volunteer opportunities in the community.” — Navy Capt. Suzanne J.M. Krauss, commanding officer.

— It’s “a really lovely thing” to see U.S. personnel engaging the community in such positive ways. — Acting Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Mara Karlin

— “For the past 16 years, the base has hosted a biannual bazaar that connects U.S. military members with Djiboutians through art.” — U.S. Department of Defense

Please explain to voters who lack a nuanced understanding of strategic objectives how this posting “protect[s] our country and our freedoms”?

Nikki Haley continues on to the Michigan GOP primary, and it’s not looking good for her:

Haley only won in south Carolina where Democrats usually win.

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