Only one person heard RBG’s dying wish, no proof yet!


The photo is Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s granddaughter Clara and the only person who heard her “dying wish”. She is a lawyer and abortion rights activist who has publicly warned progressives that SCOTUS is trying to take away abortion rights.

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” Ginsburg told her, according to NPR, which first reported the justice’s death.

This statement has a fatal flaw. She said ‘new president’ and if Trump wins, it has to be 2024. And that just can’t be.

Also, has anyone seen this document and is it signed? Did anyone else besides Ms. Spera witness this? So far, the answer is ‘no’ to all those questions. It also doesn’t sound like RBG to interfere in the Court.

For now, until we see proof, it’s fake news. Does anyone in the media think the evidence is important any longer?

This is her bio:




  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ruth Ginsberg made that her dying wish. She was a hard core leftist whom I almost completely disagreed with and I believe she was hanging on in hope that Trump would be out of office and a Democrat would be elected, Biden or whoever.
    That said, I am sorry she died, send my condolences to her family and friends but have no sorrow she is now gone from the Supreme Court. And as we all someday will, she now has to face the #1 Supreme Judge for her sins and I believe her unrepentant support for killing unborn babies along with forcing states to allow homosexuals to marry and equate that with traditional marriage between 1 man and 1 woman will play a big role in how she fairs in her final judgement.

  2. Another slick attempt to make people think Ginsburg actually said something like that. Another fraud on the American people after 12 years of fake behaviors by democrats. How hypocritical can they get to pretend after impeaching a president in February of an election year over made up, fake stuff, to tell the Congress and the White House that they can’t follow the Constitutionally allowed path to a new Supreme Court judge. Democrats are absolutely outrageous and their followers are “useful idiots” enough along with the MSM to push their brainwashing. Ginsburg would never have approved ot going outside the legally prescribed procedures and replacing her seat NOW to maintain a court that’s ready to rule against the democrats’ attempts to steal the election.

  3. Its hard to speak your dying wish while your in a coma. If she was at home then she was heavily sedated, sorry I’m not buying this. Also the SCOTUS is not about one person, if she wanted yhis wish to be fulfilled, then she could have stepped down under Obama.

    • You are 100% correct. As posted in a previos IS article, simply NOT POSSIBLE.
      Having been at bedsite caring for more dying patients than I care to remember, this I can say with confidence. RBG gave no such last declaration nor any other. This is strictly a disgraceful calculated move by the Left … in this instance, her grand daughter, to foment a myth.

      There ARE no “discussions,” at the end. These patients are sadly, no longer present many hours or even days before the body gives up.

  4. The phone rings in the Oval Office, President Trump answers and it is Hillary on the line.
    Trump: “Can this wait? I am pretty busy right now”.
    Hillary: “No, this cannot wait, I just heard that Justice Ginsburg has died and I would very much like to take her place”
    Trump: “Well, if it is OK with the funeral home, it certainly is OK with me”.
    Hillary’s Phone: “CLICK!!”

  5. Why is it politicians, the media and historians lionize and canonize every person who ever held office? RBG was an activist vs a jurist who broke with protocol by speaking out against a duly elected president.
    She deserves to rest in peace. There is nothing about this woman’s life that would justify elevating her to a position of honor,

  6. We don’t follow he dead, her wish is not realistic as we don’t install presidents but elect them , her daughter is making it up for her as she wanted a Dem president to nominate the next judge, how selfish she is if her wish is true.No we elect our presidents of and by the people Dem’s would love to install one and Pelosi is working on it too, by treasonous threats against POTUS ‘One way or another he will be removed” fumigation’ as a gas to oust or other assassination.

  7. In this day of video recording cell phones not one leftist at her deathbed thought to record her “dying wish”? Not buying it for a second.

  8. who cares if its true or not?? is there a law somewhere that says a persons dying wish has to be followed?? this is beyond stupid, even for the democrats!!! Trump will do what needs to be done, regardless of the wishes of some dead witch.

  9. Who cares what her wish was. In the grand scheme of things it means next to nothing. She advocated for women’s rights and on abortion but yet had children of her own. So she advocated on her right to choose whether or not that her son or daughter could be brought into this world. So the state has decided woman have a choice, can the state demand choice from a woman? She remained on the bench despite the fact she knew she had a terminal disease and just as in her early career fighting for what she wanted, her avarice for maintaining her position on the court was greater than country and here we are now. Nobody knows what the future holds but as stubborn as she was in life this is the perfect example of knowing when to fold em when a Democrat President is in office. Now her legacy is tarnished with the fact that she made the wrong decision to remain on the bench. Interesting a SCOTUS got the decision wrong.

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