New Ad for Dem: Vote Josh, He’s Not As Bad as John Fetterman


Vote for Democrat Josh Shapiro because he’s not as bad as John Fetterman. Seriously, that’s an ad by RINO Karl Rove’s PAC. Rove won’t go away. He’s the proverbial bad penny.

Josh Shapiro

American Crossroads, a Republican Super PAC started by Karl Rove, the TV whiteboard guy, is running ads to get Democrat Josh Shapiro elected governor.

Republican Doug Mastriano, who is behind by 10 points, is too extreme for RINO Rove.

The ad they’re running trashes Fetterman to make Shapiro look good. Interesting approach. Shapiro’s not bad like most Democrats.

In case you’re confused, John Fetterman is running for the Senate and is a nut. Shapiro is running for governor and is fairly extreme left. RINO ROVE likes him better than a real Republican, Doug Mastriano.

America First Report writes: RINO sleazeball Karl Rove and his American Crossroads Super PAC are going after Mastriano. It started over the weekend when Rove went on with Fox News host Shannon Bream to say Mastriano was “extreme.”

We all know Rove is a BS artist.


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1 year ago

Karl Rove is a Bush “New World Order” RINO. While Democrats are Communist at their core, RINOs are Feudalistic. The RINOs are all in with the World Economic Forum Cult view of the World. The Silver Lining is that American First Trump Supporters now run the Republican Party. RINOs are old and dying off. Democrats have over played their hand and will be dismantled. The New Party that will replace Democrats for a while will be the RINOs. They will be the Noble Party or maybe the Lords Party. There won’t be a home for them in the Republican Party come November 2024. The Red Tsunami will be so large that McConnell and McCarthy will lose control of Leadership this January.

I expect Republicans to get as many as 100 new seats in the House; they will control at least 2/3s of the Seats. In the Senate, Republicans will have at least 6 new seats. In 2024 there will be a Democrat Blood Bath in the Senate. They will lose at least a dozen Seats. In the House they will lose at least another 50 seats. Congressional investigations will be brutal to Democrats over the next 2 years and there will be a purge of Communist because Blue State Economies will be in ruins. The old guard RINOs will be forced out of the Republican Party to become a minor Party and replaced by younger America First Patriots. There will be a Devastating Conservative Reset in America. Democrats will all but disappear in 2024. This is what happens to a Party who intentionally destroys a Nation’s Economy.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

Which is worse…a rino or an ass???

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago
Reply to  John Vieira

Amswer: Karl “turncoat” Rove. He is ultimately the perfect swamp creature.