New! Black supremacist communist colony forming in Colorado


Black Hammer! A new Black supremacist group that wants to keep warm by burning Anne Frank’s Diary is forming their own commie state.

One thing is for sure, Merrick Garland won’t care because he’s busy going after traditional Americans.

Hammer City is for colonized people. What happened to diversity? They love diversity, don’t they???

The GoFundMe page was taken down, but Facebook still has them up naturally. It’s not like they’re conservatives or anything.

The Hammer City people wrote on their news announcement: The amerikkkan government has been enforcing genocidal policies since the beginning of the outbreak, pushing COVID-19 infections and death almost exclusively into colonized neighborhoods.

We’re killing them and this is amerikkka? Did you know that? I didn’t know that.

Their insane commie video. They want total segregation, so they want Jim Crow laws and systemic racism?:



  1. An autonomous utopian zone like a CHAZ-CHOP maybe it could be a Kowloon Walled City one day?
    It probably wouldn’t last that long and comrade kommissar Barnie Sandlers is too busy with the most popular regime evarz to be the repurposing czar.
    Let the paradise commence, comrades, and be thankful that you live in a place that will let you form your own Jonestown err I mean colony.

    • I think MC Hammer is president there . No need to do anything. They will all kill themselves within weeks. Just do not let anyone outside the walls

  2. How can you have a Black Supremacist Communist Colony with a bunch of morons? Communist are morons by definition because they embrace Communism because they can’t compete in a free market. Communism only flourishes when you have a lot of really dumb people with low standards. This is what happens to a Nation when you let the dumbest people become “educated” and teach. If teachers were actually smart, they would have good jobs in the private sector. We should pay teachers well, but only after they have spent 10 or 20 years in the private sector proving that they are smart enough to teach our children. I’m willing to bet that the people creating the so called “Black Supremacist” Communist Colony have never really been productive in the American economy and so are are just a bunch of losers. Blacks and the Elderly have taken the brunt of SAR-Cov-2 because they are in general not in good health. That’s what happens on the Welfare Plantation and Social Security in many cases is just Welfare Lite for those who didn’t save for retirement. The real problem now is that the Traitor Joe Administration is devaluing the Dollar so much that retirement saving won’t mean anything in the near future. We saw this with Carter Administration. Stand by for massive Stagflation and a Government paying the dumb Communist for their vote! I’ve spent almost 10 years in Africa and the only way those people survive is due to handouts from White people. I suspect that Democrats will funnel a lot of money these people’s way so they can say Communism works.

  3. Here in Utah our mountains at 10K feet get around 12 to 15 feet of snow in the winter. Hope they have lots of snow shovels.

    Perhaps GoFundMe should be investigated. No rules?

  4. Black supremacist groups have been attempting to form communes like this for quite a long time. Their heyday was from the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s. They never quite managed to pull things off due to reverting to crime to fund activities, to the abuse of its members resulting in inter-commune violence and murder, or police involvement. This latest attempt is nothing new. Without a constant source of funding coming in, they will disappear. They never could achieve self-sufficiency.

  5. Have you ever seen any Blk snow skiers and how many ice hockey are there?
    I’m gonnwa send money just to keep them where we know where tey are

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