New Fox News! Rude & insulting to the President


President Trump offered to join Fox & Friends once a week as he did today and had done in 2016. After President Trump hung up, Doocy said, Mr. President “you may want to do it every week, but Fox is not committed to that.” That was rude and unnecessary. All Doocy had to do was call him privately.

This is the new Fox News — rude and insulting to the right.

It is understandable that they can’t give 47 minutes weekly to the President and not Biden, who won’t appear for obvious reasons. However, Doocy should have just done it in private. Instead, he decided to send a negative message that the left is eating up on social media. It was also very sly how he did it after President Trump hung up.




  1. Fox turns me off more and more each day. Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin are about the only two worth watching. Mark is the best interviewer. He asks his guest a question and then listens to the answer.

    Tucker is brilliant, but interrupts his guests and laughs in their faces, both of which are immature actions. Sometimes I listen to his opening monologue and then switch to a movie.

    Chris Wallace is a mediocre commentator with delusions of adequacy.

    Juan Williams is a liberal pinhead spin artist. He should stick to being a civil rights historian.

    • Fox IS NOT as “balanced” as they would like their viewers to believe. Unlike their more stupid colleagues in the corrupt MSM that have adopted a “one track” approach, They keep a couple “right” leaning mouthpieces on tap to suck in the uninitiated…

  2. FOX is spiraling down the TV toilet: Tucker got a big ego, they brought in Paul Ryan (a national traitor) to the Board, and PAPA gave the reigns to his 2 incompetent sons (one of whom has not quit).
    Rupert needs to take back control, or Fox dies.

  3. How did that douche ever get a job at FOX anyway. I wouldn’t hire him to deliver pizza, or his yokel ass son. I never watch daytime FOX, just a bunch of bitties clacking all day.

  4. I just watched Trace Gallagher from Fox ask a weather man from Florida about the map showing rainfall along the east coast. He actually, really, asked if the red meant more rainfall and the yellow and green less. What an appropriate name, Mr. Only a Trace of brain cells.

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