New Historical Landmark in Honor of Joe “Brandon” Biden


President-ish Joe Biden’s bicycle fall last month in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, is now a historical landmark on Google Maps named “Brandon Falls.”

Biden falls off his bike, blames the strap.

The name is a reference to the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that is used to make fun of the president who clearly has some form of dementia and is destroying the country.

Brandon Landmark

Snopes wrote that it is not an official landmark named by the state. Google Maps permits any user to create a public landmark, which means that someone established and named the site.

The social media account that created the new landmark recently encouraged the trend of “Bidening” — intentionally falling off a bike at the site, taking a photograph or video of the crash, and then posting it online, according to Snopes.

Bidening now has its own thread on Twitter.


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