Only 19% of Hispanics Approve of Biden’s Performance


According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, a vast majority of Hispanics are unhappy with President Biden’s overall job performance. They don’t like what is going on in the economy, foreign policy, gun violence [crime?], and the handling of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Currently, 19 percent of Hispanics approve of Biden’s conduct as president, while 70 percent disapprove, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday.

Of Hispanics who disapprove, 49 percent feel strongly about it, while 20 percent are somewhat discontented.

As skyrocketing inflation continues to strangle household budgets, causing many families to struggle to afford basic consumer goods such as gas and food, the economy is weighing most heavily on voters’ minds, especially for Hispanics, according to the poll.

Quinnipiac asked respondents to rate concerns. Inflation ranked first at 34 percent, followed by gun violence at 12 percent.

Among Republicans, inflation came in at 48 percent, followed by immigration at 16 percent.

Among Democrats, gun violence [which is gang violence] was at 22 percent and ranked first, followed by abortion at 14 percent. Inflation was also at 14 percent, and election laws were at 12 percent. Pseudo-climate change came in at 11 percent.


Biden Job Approval – Quinnipiac, July 2022

White women still approve of him by 36%. Why? The numbers for Blacks are down quite a bit to 61%. As much as he panders, most people still look at the reality of what his policies achieve.

It’s amazing that the border and inflation don’t number 1 and 2 for everyone.

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