New Info on Odessa Shooter Demolishes the Democrat Narrative


The Midland-Odessa killer story is leaving the media quickly and there is probably a reason for that. It doesn’t fit the narrative. The killer, Seth Ator, was adjudicated “mentally unfit” to own a gun so he went to the black market.

The gun he had was illegally manufactured and sold by a Lubbock, Texas man, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. The seller is under investigation.

Ator, 36, had previously attempted to purchase a gun from a licensed seller in January 2014 but failed the requisite background check because he’d been declared mentally unfit by a local court. A nationwide criminal-background check identified the court order and prevented the purchase, according to local authorities.

KCBD reports that the FBI and the ATF are investigating after serving a search warrant in the 3400 block of Mesa Road in Lubbock, across from the Lubbock Country Club, apparently in connection with shootings.

It is illegal if he knew the buyer failed a background check.

Universal background checks would have done nothing to stop this if this report is true.

Illegal gun sales are not a loophole in the background check system. The media and the Democrats want you to think the totalitarian government could control all this and keep you safe.

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4 years ago

Well there you have it and the propaganda arm of the DNC and their socialist ilk will spew more lies in order to take our rights away from us. They are poking stick at a sleeping giant.