New most terrifying 9 words


The Great Ronald Reagan once proclaimed, the most terrifying words in the English language, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” 

“Congress back in session to ‘negotiate’ new relief bill” The new most terrifying words in the English language. Recall the March 23 Independent Sentinel article, Look at Pelosi’s demands that are unrelated to COV-19, highlighting the list of pure poison pills Democrats demanded.

While Americans were in agony, Pelosi first delayed help,(*) then included demands straight out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals having NOTHING to do with the COVID crisis.

Just some examples were:

  • Post Office Bailout
  • College loan payoffs
  • Publish Corp pay stats (not THEIR millions in perks)
  • PERMANENT paid leave
  • Rescued companies MUST abide DNC rules 
  • REQUIRED Early Voting (MORE time for MORE fraud)
  • $300 Million for Arts Endowment (who promptly LAID OFF ALL their workers after cash in hand) monies promptly funneled back to the DNC
  • Several Climate Change (HOAX) Earmarks

REPUBLICANS have allowed “poison pills,” to be tagged onto bills for decades, how we arrive at this place of radical leftwing anarchy today. Death by thousands of slashes. It Is TIME for Republicans to put their big person pants on and grow a pair.

There were many more initial and late day demands all devised to transform America into Democrat Tyranny. What we should ALL be questioning, Where Were Republican Demands? Republicans showed up with ideas all focused on helping an ailing America; Democrats showed up with nothing but Poison Pills. Decades of experience should have had them prepared.

This brings to mind more of President Reagan’s words of great Wisdom. “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.” It was critical then as it is now, “A Time For Choosing.”

When a much older President Reagan faced down the younger Soviet leader Gorbachev, he was facing the, “Evil Empire,” that was determined to bring the pestilence of Communism to the world. Reagan stood strong. The Cold War ended, we won what we thought was the war. We now know, it was a major battle but not the war.

This war is now fully raging, brought to American soil by that (and other) Evil Empire(s) as they nefariously, patiently, have slowly taken control of our MSM, our Education, our Entertainment industry and, their brass ring, the Democrat Party. None of what you are seeing in our streets, in our cities, in our OWN GOVERNMENT, was born overnight. In fact, America has worn a target on its back since circa 1900, Death to America by thousands of slashes … Most of those slashes now inflicted by saber wielding Democrats and DC Elitists.

Does it seem that Democrats are exponentially more corrupt than Republicans? They manage to escape their every sin and trespass? Well, because that IS the case. Why? Simple, when you own the MSM, as the DNC does, they cover the Lefts’s every sin, hide your every corrupted act while Republicans dare not step an inch out of line. Unless, of course, are among those nefariously counted among the cabal.  We’re sure by now you know who most of them are.

That brings us to three critical questions. In this time of crisis, why IS it there is a NEED to “negotiate,” action on behalf of our people when EVERY member of congress SHOULD be on that same page? What “fresh hell” will Democrats demand in exchange for badly needed and SANE assistance for America? And finally, more importantly, KNOWING Democrats would use COVID to hold a gun to Republicans’ heads, WHY didn’t Republicans show up with THEIR list of demands. Demands such as:

  • REQUIRE Photo ID’s for In-Person Only Voting
  • Enhanced Felony sentencing for Voter Fraud, “I didn’t know” NOT accepted to excuse of fraud
  • Acts of vote harvesting, purchasing, intimidation subject to a 10-year felony conviction
  • Creation of Federal “Clearing House” list of all eligible voters, states required to compare their voter rolls with federal “clearinghouse” list subject to loss of all federal funding
  • Every voter must be issue a receipt validating votes applied and counted correctly
  • $300 Million for NRA’s Gun Safety program
  • Civics, unbiased American history taught in schools (**)
  • Early Voting eliminated
  • NO mail in voting; absentee ballots by application WITH legitimate excuse
  • Term Limits for House and Senate
  • Funding for Charter Schools, Home Schooling, Co-op community home-based education
  • Removal from office ANY elected official receiving donations/funding from George Soros and his subsidiaries
  • Colleges to maintain staff (teachers, administrators) 50% from each party (DNC, GOP) or lose fed funding
  • Colleges NOT respecting 1st A rights on campus shall lose federal funding
  • Public school teachers engaging in “indoctrination” of students shall forfeit their license to teach
  • ANY member of Congress encouraging acts of violence, aggressive or disrespectful behaviors by their constituents shall be subject to immediate removal from office

Republicans, BIG BOY PANTS

If these demands seem somewhat extreme, we submit they are no more extreme, in fact less extreme. They actually express a “wish list” millions of Americans have long endorsed especially seeking honest elections and better education for our children.

As you watch hoards of young people in the streets, looting, burning, assaulting and yes, even murdering, as you witness spoiled, pampered young white kids carrying (MARXIST) BLM signs screaming, “I HATE my parents, I HATE my family, I HATE my America,” as you watch our MSM’s endless, blatant lies, as you hear demands that sound like pure insanity, as we observe Inmates running the Asylum, and you wonder … HOW did we GET here?  The answer is not all that complicated, it all boils down to simple facts:

Progressives, The Left, has been slowly taking control of America and our government. Our Constitutional Republic steadily cannibalized by the Marxist Left, by Democrats and some Republicans either too cowardly to stand and fight OR are covertly counted among the “Enemies Within” aka The Deep State. Those Republicans engaged in cowardice need to understand, silencing Americans has only served to make us ever more determined to put an end to the Deep State, to EVERY domestic enemy. If they chose to continue betraying us, there will be a price paid. We WILL SEE to that, we will not forget.

It is critical to appreciate, Donald Trump did not create this mess, he has merely EXPOSED who among them are the enemies within. Make no mistake, they mean to destroy America and President Trump is their kryptonite. Why they are employing every dirty trick in the book, regardless of the suffering they cause, to take Trump down.

President Trump has also revealed who among our body politics ARE standing ready to do battle against the Evil Empire that has invaded America. These are the people, like Freedom Caucus members, we must support.

Ignore the highly “massaged,” polls, the comical assertions Joe Biden, who has always suffered “foot in mouth,” disease now also suffering debilitating dementia, is far ahead of this incredibly courageous, 20 hour workday,  Common Sense Conservative president.

We must concentrate on the task at hand. The “DUTY” our Founders charged us with, EACH of us a soldier in America’s army, a soldier in Pres. Trump’s army, against our many Enemies Within. Start by spreading the Voice Of Sane America far and wide; Send these articles to your congressmen, senators.

History has shown us what a Marxist “Utopia” looks like, we must NEVER, EVER allow this to happen. Misery may be the Lefts’ comfort zone, it is not America’s place of comfort.

We will NOT comply

We will NEVER surrender

All Democrats primary goal: Transforming American into an unopposed, single party Marxist style of government

(*) Damage Trump

(**) It has been so many years since Civics was taught in public schools, there are currently members of congress who never studied civics

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